06 May 2011

birrrrdss nestttt

it's gone a bit quite on my blog recently, i've been doing other things in the sun and seeing friends and things, and this past week my boyfriends been away in las vegas so i've been a bit mopey, spent hours on the phone talking about how lonely i am, and just sat in watching films! get a grip jess
i've noticed a few other blogs going quiet too, i think we're all just a bit excited that the suns out and we've been neglecting our blogs to catch a few rays!
i'll be back up and running as normal soon, just need to get my mojo back :)
love to you allllllll xxxxx

p.s i just asked my office if it looks like i have a birds nest on my head.. and i just got laughed at. no answer, just a good laugh at my hair (as today i've left it curly and piled it up ontop of my head, it didn't look that bad this morning.. hahaha oh welllll) birds nest it is!