27 April 2011

Who's that hot mamma?

Elle Macpherson looking extremely foxy for a school run, allthough i would LOVE to be that glam when i go and pick up my future kiddies from school... i highly doubt i would.. ahahaha.
i've been such a lazy blogger recently! its been sunny and i've been out with friends and having fun so i've not been outfit posting! i'll be back! i promise!
let me get thursday and friday out of the way.. thursday i'm having a nice tea with my boyfriend and giving him his birthday presents.. because it's his birthday friday but he's flying out to vegas with his friends at 7am so wont get to see him.
 i have the inevitable fear from the saying 'what happens in vegas, stays in vegas' but, hes not stupid and wouldn't do anything.. i'm just gunna miss him and worry that he's not getting arrested or spending like thousands of dollars...
the royal wedding on friday! me and my friend laura are having a will & kate day with a posh buffet, memorabilia and champagneeee. i HOPE the sun will be out so we can sit and drink in the sun. oh bliss!
have fun if you watch it!

21 April 2011

Heaton Park!

Defo have to squeeze a sunny post in here! went to heaton park on sunday with my bestfriend and her girlfriend and had a dead nice afternoon in the sunshine!
we had quite a big fall out a while back, and it's been quite hard getting out friendship back to normal, but i'd say we're pretty much there now which is great :)

she bought one of those snakes on a stick from the balloon man and decided to pop it's head in a cars window as it drove past through the park. and the woman stopped the car and shouted 'have you got a problem?!' so lauren being lauren stuck it back in and said 'sssss'
ohhh shes funny. well she is to me, when i told the story to my boyfriend he wasn't amused!
i bought a big horse balloons and i had a nightmare driving home on the motorway with it bobbing around my back window! nearly killed me!
easter 4 day weekend! OOOSH! can't flippin wait!

20 April 2011

bring on the jelly sandles!

Am i wrong for just loving these?! they are from river island and i think they are sweeet.
they just take me back to my childhood so much! i remember having some when i was in primary school with heels on and feeling like the coolest kid in the world!
and you could go in the sea with them on and and they wouldnt get ruined!
i think they are really geeky, but.. oh god. i'm getting them...!

oh and on behalf of cheyenne @ yeah its shyy, VOTE FOR LONDONNNNN! because london is westtttt! and coz shyy is so lovely and deserves some lovage <3
hope everyones getting a bit of sun! hope it stays for easter weekend!

15 April 2011

crimble crumble

Laurens 21st Zoo Project pictures! i was going to go all out bat and have a bat painted on my face but i wasn't feelin great and my face was swollen like a little bee due to my sore glands. so i didn't fancy to many picture of myself that night! i ws also completely unaware that my knickers were really visable under my leggings.. so when i did look at the pictures, i was completely horrified.
oh well.
lauren got some cat eyes to wear and was a complete spazz and couldn't get them.. took 4 people to hold her down, open her eye, put eyedrops in and put the thing in.. and  took about 40 minutes. was funny tho. but she could only get one in so she wore one... the complete spazz. i do love her tho! had a good night, its good to have me best friend back :)

tonight i'm going to my boyfriends 21st, i have been looking forward to it for ages and been looking forward to meeting family friends i've not seen and speaking to his mates because i don't make enough effort with them...
no pressure then!

13 April 2011

what are the chances of that?

some river island CRAVES!
as if i got rid of my awful flu, then literally two days later it came back but even worse?! i wonder why that happened. anyway it was awful and i spent 4 days in bed watching daytime tv and films. made in dagenham is AMAZING. i absolutely love old english films like a single man and an education. but nobody will watch them with me because they are so long winded! so i managed to have a lovely marathon of all my fave films on my own in my snuggley bed :)

now i'm back in work, with my desk full of medicine feeling much better.. but still thinking.. WILL THIS EVER END?!
I managed to go to my friends 21st party, i wasn't feeling my best and my face was swollen like a little bumble bee because i'm ill but i'll put some pictures up tommorow to show my not so batty bat costume! but my 72 cupcakes went down a treat and people were taking them home! as if?!

i'm in a seriously bad way with money so absolutely no shopping is on the cards for a while! i've spent so much money on my boyfriend for his 21st and i've had to pay for the holiday to ibiza and just wait patiently for my friend to pay her half. which is totally fine, because i said i'd be the financal one.. it's just means i have no overdraft to fall back on because it's all goneeee! arghhhh!
hope everyones ok, going to slowly creep back into blogging and hopefully an outfiit post soon :)
big massive hugs

08 April 2011

the flu has hit again! fml.

jumper - newlook  jeans - hollister 

you will never guess what.. mr flippin flu has come back and here i am again, sat at work with my beechams, throat lozengers and cough medicine. its been over 3 weeks now and it's a sodding joke. i'm booked into the quacks tommorow though so i'm going to get some antibiotics and kick this cold up the arse FOR GOOD!
this week has gone by so fast... i can't believe its the weekend again.. feels like it's only just been the weekend! i'm excited for sunday, my friends having a zoo party theme'd 21st.. and my fave zoo animals are bats so i'm going as a bat. i don't think i'm going to look anything like one though.. what sort of bat wears a cape with white bats all over it?! and a bat painted on its face?! seriously didn't think this one through properly. hahahaa... also making cupcakes in the day with my mum for the party.. very excited! going to take pictures of my attempts at doing a big swirly wirly bit on the top! defo going to fail!
oh well! also can't wait to see my boyfriend. since last weekend at the spa i havn't seen him. cheers honey!
gone for a very comfy look today as my colds back with a vengeance! i saw this jumper the other day from newlook and just couldnt resist it. so what if were coming up to summer and i need to save for my holdiay.. it's a one off! i'm going to make up for it by putting some clothes on ebay. hopefully i wont balls it up and send my items to the wrong people this time! FAIL
if you have the day off today then enjoyyyyyy the sunshineee! my lunch break will be sat by the canal! lovely!

05 April 2011

i'm back!

top - topshop  skirt - zara  belt - topshop  sandles - primark
feeeeeeeling muchhh better now!
i went to a spa at the weekend with my boyfriend as i treated him for his 21st present. it was much better than i had expected because the reviews were just awful! it wasn't the hilton, but it wasn't faulty towers either.. but it was just so nice to spend time with joe just me and him. he's going to vegas at the end of the month for a week and i am going to miss him a fair bit.. lameeee..
but yeh.. i feel much better, had some retail therapy in chester and booked my holdiay to ibiza! which is amaaaazzzzingly exciting! i keep singing venga boys... i'm going with my best friend and were going to do some crazy clubing for 5 days then some mega chillin out for the next 5 days.. im like so excited! arrrrr! the only problem is... i have 3 pay days until my holdiay so i need to save as much as possible.. anyone know any saving money tips because i don't know how to control myself when i'm out shopping! i am going to take back my shorts and 3/4 suede trousers i bought at the weekend tho.. that will make me £60 pound up.. which is better than nothing! ooh :( i hate cuttign back and giving up all the nice things! im going to have to be super boring for the next 3 months...
i've eaten so much shit the past four days! and ive not been to the gym for two weeks. so thats all got to change this week, i need to stop being a fatty bum bum and go and work off the amount of cake i've eaten!