20 April 2011

bring on the jelly sandles!

Am i wrong for just loving these?! they are from river island and i think they are sweeet.
they just take me back to my childhood so much! i remember having some when i was in primary school with heels on and feeling like the coolest kid in the world!
and you could go in the sea with them on and and they wouldnt get ruined!
i think they are really geeky, but.. oh god. i'm getting them...!

oh and on behalf of cheyenne @ yeah its shyy, VOTE FOR LONDONNNNN! because london is westtttt! and coz shyy is so lovely and deserves some lovage <3
hope everyones getting a bit of sun! hope it stays for easter weekend!


  1. They are actually amaze balls!
    Oh childhood jelly heels <3
    You should definitely get them,

    Rosie x

  2. you are not wrong. they look so comfy and are really cute. lola x

  3. The pink ones are so cute, I also rocked a heeled pair back in the day. Pretty sure they were glittery silver, I was just too cool! x

  4. I remember having some of them! Perfect for on holiday and protecting your feet from stones in the sea :)

  5. oh god. those block heeled monstrosities that made me feel so very grown up. i full on bummed mine when i was like 9.

    deffo get some. and buy me some whilst your at it :))))

    ps. i saw your flicks in heaton park. i live like a 10 min drive away from there :)

  6. They're really cute, I had pink and white ones when I was little. Hope it stays sunny too! xx

  7. Nothing wrong with Jellies! I had a bright pink pair of Barbie ones when I was 4 ^_^
    These would look great with skinny jeans and a slouchy top xoxo

  8. oh yes!!! i got some of these last summer from river island and loved them so much. i still aim to find pink glittery ones like i had when i was little somewhere though! x

  9. No!!!!!! THE JELLIES ARE BACK!!!!!!!

    So happy may have to buy a pair.


  10. oh my gosh how cute are those! I love the perfect pastel colors :)


  11. Hahaaa these remind me of being a little'un! I lost one of mine in the sea once... Sad. Sad times. ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  12. No way they're so cute & waterproof perfect for summer <3

  13. They are pretty but practical! Always used to rub my feet though!


thank you so much dollies xxx