06 May 2011

birrrrdss nestttt

it's gone a bit quite on my blog recently, i've been doing other things in the sun and seeing friends and things, and this past week my boyfriends been away in las vegas so i've been a bit mopey, spent hours on the phone talking about how lonely i am, and just sat in watching films! get a grip jess
i've noticed a few other blogs going quiet too, i think we're all just a bit excited that the suns out and we've been neglecting our blogs to catch a few rays!
i'll be back up and running as normal soon, just need to get my mojo back :)
love to you allllllll xxxxx

p.s i just asked my office if it looks like i have a birds nest on my head.. and i just got laughed at. no answer, just a good laugh at my hair (as today i've left it curly and piled it up ontop of my head, it didn't look that bad this morning.. hahaha oh welllll) birds nest it is!

27 April 2011

Who's that hot mamma?

Elle Macpherson looking extremely foxy for a school run, allthough i would LOVE to be that glam when i go and pick up my future kiddies from school... i highly doubt i would.. ahahaha.
i've been such a lazy blogger recently! its been sunny and i've been out with friends and having fun so i've not been outfit posting! i'll be back! i promise!
let me get thursday and friday out of the way.. thursday i'm having a nice tea with my boyfriend and giving him his birthday presents.. because it's his birthday friday but he's flying out to vegas with his friends at 7am so wont get to see him.
 i have the inevitable fear from the saying 'what happens in vegas, stays in vegas' but, hes not stupid and wouldn't do anything.. i'm just gunna miss him and worry that he's not getting arrested or spending like thousands of dollars...
the royal wedding on friday! me and my friend laura are having a will & kate day with a posh buffet, memorabilia and champagneeee. i HOPE the sun will be out so we can sit and drink in the sun. oh bliss!
have fun if you watch it!

21 April 2011

Heaton Park!

Defo have to squeeze a sunny post in here! went to heaton park on sunday with my bestfriend and her girlfriend and had a dead nice afternoon in the sunshine!
we had quite a big fall out a while back, and it's been quite hard getting out friendship back to normal, but i'd say we're pretty much there now which is great :)

she bought one of those snakes on a stick from the balloon man and decided to pop it's head in a cars window as it drove past through the park. and the woman stopped the car and shouted 'have you got a problem?!' so lauren being lauren stuck it back in and said 'sssss'
ohhh shes funny. well she is to me, when i told the story to my boyfriend he wasn't amused!
i bought a big horse balloons and i had a nightmare driving home on the motorway with it bobbing around my back window! nearly killed me!
easter 4 day weekend! OOOSH! can't flippin wait!

20 April 2011

bring on the jelly sandles!

Am i wrong for just loving these?! they are from river island and i think they are sweeet.
they just take me back to my childhood so much! i remember having some when i was in primary school with heels on and feeling like the coolest kid in the world!
and you could go in the sea with them on and and they wouldnt get ruined!
i think they are really geeky, but.. oh god. i'm getting them...!

oh and on behalf of cheyenne @ yeah its shyy, VOTE FOR LONDONNNNN! because london is westtttt! and coz shyy is so lovely and deserves some lovage <3
hope everyones getting a bit of sun! hope it stays for easter weekend!

15 April 2011

crimble crumble

Laurens 21st Zoo Project pictures! i was going to go all out bat and have a bat painted on my face but i wasn't feelin great and my face was swollen like a little bee due to my sore glands. so i didn't fancy to many picture of myself that night! i ws also completely unaware that my knickers were really visable under my leggings.. so when i did look at the pictures, i was completely horrified.
oh well.
lauren got some cat eyes to wear and was a complete spazz and couldn't get them.. took 4 people to hold her down, open her eye, put eyedrops in and put the thing in.. and  took about 40 minutes. was funny tho. but she could only get one in so she wore one... the complete spazz. i do love her tho! had a good night, its good to have me best friend back :)

tonight i'm going to my boyfriends 21st, i have been looking forward to it for ages and been looking forward to meeting family friends i've not seen and speaking to his mates because i don't make enough effort with them...
no pressure then!

13 April 2011

what are the chances of that?

some river island CRAVES!
as if i got rid of my awful flu, then literally two days later it came back but even worse?! i wonder why that happened. anyway it was awful and i spent 4 days in bed watching daytime tv and films. made in dagenham is AMAZING. i absolutely love old english films like a single man and an education. but nobody will watch them with me because they are so long winded! so i managed to have a lovely marathon of all my fave films on my own in my snuggley bed :)

now i'm back in work, with my desk full of medicine feeling much better.. but still thinking.. WILL THIS EVER END?!
I managed to go to my friends 21st party, i wasn't feeling my best and my face was swollen like a little bumble bee because i'm ill but i'll put some pictures up tommorow to show my not so batty bat costume! but my 72 cupcakes went down a treat and people were taking them home! as if?!

i'm in a seriously bad way with money so absolutely no shopping is on the cards for a while! i've spent so much money on my boyfriend for his 21st and i've had to pay for the holiday to ibiza and just wait patiently for my friend to pay her half. which is totally fine, because i said i'd be the financal one.. it's just means i have no overdraft to fall back on because it's all goneeee! arghhhh!
hope everyones ok, going to slowly creep back into blogging and hopefully an outfiit post soon :)
big massive hugs

08 April 2011

the flu has hit again! fml.

jumper - newlook  jeans - hollister 

you will never guess what.. mr flippin flu has come back and here i am again, sat at work with my beechams, throat lozengers and cough medicine. its been over 3 weeks now and it's a sodding joke. i'm booked into the quacks tommorow though so i'm going to get some antibiotics and kick this cold up the arse FOR GOOD!
this week has gone by so fast... i can't believe its the weekend again.. feels like it's only just been the weekend! i'm excited for sunday, my friends having a zoo party theme'd 21st.. and my fave zoo animals are bats so i'm going as a bat. i don't think i'm going to look anything like one though.. what sort of bat wears a cape with white bats all over it?! and a bat painted on its face?! seriously didn't think this one through properly. hahahaa... also making cupcakes in the day with my mum for the party.. very excited! going to take pictures of my attempts at doing a big swirly wirly bit on the top! defo going to fail!
oh well! also can't wait to see my boyfriend. since last weekend at the spa i havn't seen him. cheers honey!
gone for a very comfy look today as my colds back with a vengeance! i saw this jumper the other day from newlook and just couldnt resist it. so what if were coming up to summer and i need to save for my holdiay.. it's a one off! i'm going to make up for it by putting some clothes on ebay. hopefully i wont balls it up and send my items to the wrong people this time! FAIL
if you have the day off today then enjoyyyyyy the sunshineee! my lunch break will be sat by the canal! lovely!

05 April 2011

i'm back!

top - topshop  skirt - zara  belt - topshop  sandles - primark
feeeeeeeling muchhh better now!
i went to a spa at the weekend with my boyfriend as i treated him for his 21st present. it was much better than i had expected because the reviews were just awful! it wasn't the hilton, but it wasn't faulty towers either.. but it was just so nice to spend time with joe just me and him. he's going to vegas at the end of the month for a week and i am going to miss him a fair bit.. lameeee..
but yeh.. i feel much better, had some retail therapy in chester and booked my holdiay to ibiza! which is amaaaazzzzingly exciting! i keep singing venga boys... i'm going with my best friend and were going to do some crazy clubing for 5 days then some mega chillin out for the next 5 days.. im like so excited! arrrrr! the only problem is... i have 3 pay days until my holdiay so i need to save as much as possible.. anyone know any saving money tips because i don't know how to control myself when i'm out shopping! i am going to take back my shorts and 3/4 suede trousers i bought at the weekend tho.. that will make me £60 pound up.. which is better than nothing! ooh :( i hate cuttign back and giving up all the nice things! im going to have to be super boring for the next 3 months...
i've eaten so much shit the past four days! and ive not been to the gym for two weeks. so thats all got to change this week, i need to stop being a fatty bum bum and go and work off the amount of cake i've eaten! 

28 March 2011

full of the flu!

i've been ill for like 8 days with the god dam flu all this week so its been early nights and medicine for me, due to my work circumstances i wasnt able to have any days off so ive been suffering in silence at my desk with my hot water bottle and beechams. boo hoo.
but.. in the hope that i feel better within 5 hours, i went out to kissy sell out at sankeys on friday aswell which hasn't helped me being ill. my friend jordan counsel played upstairs in spektrum which was urrrmazing, we left shortly after that because the music/atmosphere downstairs was shit!

also really dissapointed in my new mac  foundation. i found that it's is quite orangey and felt very sweaty after a few hours and it goes on like a paste. it also transfers onto everything! i was on the phone before, looked at my screen. it was covered in foundation.. not about it. in my opionion.. don't fix whats not broken! bobbi browns foundation has been loyal to me for 3 years now and is perfect.. why did i change?! it's the perfect consistancy, stays on all day without getting that sliding feeling and is so blendable!
so i went back to bobbi brown and the lady wiped off all my fake tan and matched the foundation to my natural skin tone. not cool, wish i never threw away my old bottle coz i dont know what shade it was. WOUNDED
i'm not blogging till im feeling better.

20 March 2011

broken nose... its your time to shine!

Shirt - Newlook  Necklace - H&M  Blazer - Topshop  Bag - Primark  Leggings - H&M
shoppping trip today! yessssss
i'm bought some birthday presents for some friends and fam, a bit of topshop jewellery, some new mac make up and a make up bag. i also had a eyebrow wax and tint :') 
i feel like i'm coming down with a cold tho, so i just didnt want to be there! was so glad to get home.
i went to liverpool on saturday too, checked out my halls. p e r f e c t! more than what i wanted, absolutely central location. i could roll out of bed onto a train its that fucking central. so i just need to get them confirmed, then do my student finance, then were rockin and rollin! the premium suite that i'll be renting in the halls is well sweeet. the bedroom is bigger than mine now! proper proper excited.

we all know our camera angles, and what works for our face and body right, and i ALWAYS have my picture taken with my face angled to the left. well today i have taken my pictures from the right! my nose is a diferent shape on this side from when i broke it when i was a kid. ever since i have hiden it away from picture moments in utter wonky shame. well those days are over. this is my nose! i don't care anymore! 

i will have a blog read marathon tommorow at work! can't wait!
bye ladys! xxxxx
p.s the only way is essex tonight yeeeeeee

16 March 2011




*my friend in australia has just told me that he found a pair and if i paypal him 98 aud then he will buy me a pair and mail them to me. AMAZING. CHEERS!

15 March 2011

ahhh the smell of fresh grass!

all of the above are from river island, funnily enough, everything here is brown! totally  unintentional.. but don't they all look lovely together? :)
none of them i can buy however as i have lots of birthday presents to shop for! i have so many little ideas buzzing around my little brain.. because i absolutely love buying people gifts! i spend SO MUCH TIME internet shopping..
i'm really stuck on what to by my dad and his fiance as both their birthdays are soon. any ideas? they are modern late 40's with love for wine, classical music and cooking. serious difficult people to buy for! i've already booked theatre tickets for us all to go to the theatre but i'm stuck on actual presents!
OH MY GODDDD. i posted all my ebay items to the buyers as i recently sold alot of clothes.. and to my horror. i sent a denim skirt to a man who wanted the denim shirt and the denim shirt to the girl that wanted the denim skirt! i am actually a pleb. i shouldnt be allowed to sell things to people. god knows what everybody else has recieved! luckily they both saw the funny side
i have good news though! my blackberry is in the mail and will be at my house within 3 days! amazing. i have suffered with this old shit samsung that doesnt let me swear in text messages! i miss my blackberry messenger and my emails! oh goddd. come back to me bb baby!
i also.. ACCEPTED MY OFFER AT LIVERPOOL! and i'm in the process of sorting my accomodation. a smoking, all girls, double en-suite deluxe! BOOM! i'm actually a bit excited.. arrrrrrrrhhhh this is seriously happeninggg!
ideas for dad and fiances presents greatly appreciated!
have a lovely day chickens!

14 March 2011

is that summer on its way?


these are from big al's 21st birthday that i went to on saturday night,  the taxi drivers 70 point turn in the road was so funny on the way there. me kaylie hannah and leah were all giggleing which only put pressure on him and made him stall and bang off the kerb like 3 times. felt SO SORRY for him.
i had my hair down aswell.. i don't like having my hair down because my hairs not the length i want it to be so i feel a bit self concious.. but i braved it! i think in about two months i'll be comfortable wearing it down on a daily basis.. it just has to get past this awkward length!

i'm in a real nice state of mind at the moment, i think i've got over the initial fear of moving to liverpool at the moment and i'm in a content.. yes i can do this mentality. i am coming out of my shell a bit more and doing more social things because i'm back to having money which is nice. plus the sun is shining and my drive to work was warm and happy with my new cd on..

i'm having a quiet weekend in this week followed by two mad sankeys weekends.. absoultely can't wait for them to be honest.. and i'm going to the gym as much as i can this week as my spa weekend with my boyfriend in 2 weeks and 6 days and i want to look as bumtingz as possible! heeeelloooo shexy weekend! ahahaha
hope you all had a chilled weekend
p.s got my first parking ticket on saturday. not cool. that 35 pound would of been nice.

09 March 2011

i'd like some huge cuddles please

hat - river island  snood - topshop  cardigan - berksha  shirt - newlook  bag - topshop  ring - H&M

urg. so much for pancake day, for some reason i must be cursed.. i havn't ate pancakes on pancake day in years.
had a really miserable day, ate a tesco sushi pack for my dinner and a boots meal deal for my tea as i went to my nana's and just grabbed something quick to take. still sticking to my healthy eating though.. snacking on fruit is so boring but whatever.. it keeps me off biscuits and cake bars.
also feeling totally bleugh today so i put my cuddly cardigan on and my snood which always make me feel better. comfort thing?
bring on the weekend... i need some best friend cheering up, cheesy music and some wine wine wine.
p.s ive been bullied into getting twitter so @jesskiwi is obviously the way forward
pp.s i'm such a moany moo today! sorry x

07 March 2011


dress - primark  heels - newlook   belt - topshop  necklace - topman 
hello sweeties,
i have a feeling this is going to be quite a deep post. the news about me getting into liverpool is very exciting and very scary. its made me quite anxious about my future though! since leaving university i have got into a very cosy bubble of having my car, my job, money, my friends nearby, nights out, my boyfriend on tap, my family and my house, stableness and safety..
and if i choose to go to liverpool then all of those things get jiggled and my bubble gets popped! suddenly i'm feeling very vunerable in a whole new place with no job, no friends nearby and new... everything!
but. it's something i'm going to have to do though, i need to do this for me!

my last experience moving out into halls was awful. i hated my housemates after a few months and found it very hard to cope with how messy they were. the kitchen was disgusting all the time and the cleaners never cleaned it and we had to share a bathroom which was moldy and slimey. this time i want to spend a bit extra and get all the comforting things.. like an en-suite! and a double bed! drooolll... i'm going to be well away from home so i cant go running back in tears. this has to be done properly! as i'm very fragile and don't do well with these things... and i cry at everything.

my friend gave me some amazing advice about this, she said to me that you can't live your life for other people, and the best of them will be there for you no matter where you are. which is completely true, because shes down in london and i'm still here for her! i know that my friends and my relationship will change a little, but hopefully not too much! thats life, things come up and you have to adapt to it and just roll with it. this is going to be a huge test though for me as a person.. bring on the trumpets!
anybody done this? advice needed girls!

05 March 2011

celebration night!!

blouse - boohoo  jeans - topshop  horse pin - gift
hello my loves
hell yeah i did! over. the. moon. so it looks like my future has pretty much been decided which is a little bit.. a lot a bit scary!!
i went to ikea today and bought some new lovely bedding and some photoframes.. and i have this really massive obbsession with cuddly toys and when i found this huge kangaroo teddy.. i just had to cuddle it all the way round ikea! it was twenty quid so obviously i wasnt going to buy it (i already have a 3ft unicorn in my bed from an incident last year in makro..) do i need help? does anybody else still treasure their teddy bears? ahaha

going out tonight with lozzy! don't know where were going.. hopefully i wont loose my shit replacement phone in the taxi. blackberry I MISS YOU. it would be a huge kick in the arse if i lose the other one tonight... but a night of antics is happening tonight! nights out with loz are few and far between and we always get into trouble when we're out! i remember the hilarious night at tiger tiger when we were marched out of the club by the bouncers and thrown into the street! i'm pretty sure we we fell asleep on the sofa inside tho.. not exactly hardcore.. hahahaha

how funny is that new show friday night dinner? i fucking love it, right up my street!
enjoy your saturday night kids!


03 March 2011


top - topshop  chinos - zara  leather jacket - H&M  scarf - vintage  necklace - topshop

defo in need of an outfit post! i've been on lates at work this week so by the time ive got in and cooked my tea it's that late that i just want to put my pjammies on and snuggle up on the sofa!
i watched that peaches geldof OMG this morning that i recorded from last night, it was alright i guess. a bit stretched out with somebits questionable to why anyone would even give a shit? i felt a bit sorry for the vampire girl that drank her own blood on tv with an audience full of people looking at her like wtf?  but peaches geldof can be funny and her boyfriend is a sexy model so.. whatevz shes cool.
my outfit today was inspired by somebody i saw in sankeys at the weekend, is that a bit creepy? id never think to wear chino's in a club, somehow it worked!
cant wait for the weekend, which starts early as i have tommorow off! it's my MMU interview tommorow which i'm reallllly nervous about! the course ive applied for looks amazing so fingers crossed i do alright. andddd, then i'm going to my boyfriends friday night and saturday were spending the day together. then going out with loz on saturday night and sunday i'm going round to kaylies! i'm hoping her sis will cut my dead ends off while i'm there to :)

oh my godddd! i went to the cinema last night with my boyfriend to watch paul, what a good film! just one of those films that you have nothing bad to say about and not much of an opinion.. just a good film! i ate a full box of popcorn to myself aswell, oops. i just remember putting my hand in the box ALOT.
have a good weekend everyoneee
p.s i miss my biscuit stash at work :( i'm hungry!
pp.s that picture is not supposed to be aimed at my bum! but the pants are really hard to photograph without me looking really wide and i'm not having a very self confident day today! sorry!

28 February 2011

left my phone in the taxi!

feels like i havn't updated in ages! the weekend absolutely flew by, i went to sankeys on saturday night and had the best night ever! somebody dropped a bit of warren g in the mix and everyone went MENTALLLL, after some stomping and some absolutely FREEZING cig breaks, we got in a taxi that was waiting outside the club and when i got home i looked in my bag.. and my phone was gone! gutted. left it in the taxi. i frantically phoned the 'manchester cars' number and they said because it wasn't booked in, they can't do shit about it. so a note to anybody DO NOT GET IN A WHITE CAB THAT SAYS 'MANCHESTER CARS' ON THE SIDE, OUTSIDE SANKEYS. because they are illegally waiting outside the club and are theifing bastards.
so i have to go through the annoying process of claiming for a new one, having that assessed, sent back to me, signed, cleared, blahblhablhadfsdfosehfke, so i should have a new blackberry back in about 2 weeks i hope. I HOPE. i'm not even arsed about the phone, i'm annoyed that i've lost the photos of that night coz there was some really good ones!
bummer :'(
i went to see my friend barney aka faust dj at hit n run tonight! had a pretty funny night, i don't really get drum n bass and don't really like it... but i promised him i'd go and i made a new friend kat while i was there which was lovely! must admit tho.. the crowd was a little odd.. i didn't really understand what the skanking was and how to do it.. i don't know! i'm just not converted.. i am an electro housey trancey fiend, i like my music happy and full of energy. this was very angry and not very friendly!
i'm so tired so i'm going to bed now.
p.s can you spot max branning from eastenders?

25 February 2011

wish list!

shorts and wedges - newlook
skirt, crop jumper, dress, blazer and flower head band - river island
mac powder , henry holland tights and chanel pro lumiere

ahhhhhh there are so many things that i want! i always feel like i have nothing! when actually i have ALOT of clothes, but i always want more! this pay check i'm going to try my best to not buy clothes but to treat myself to some new make-up and accessories instead.. maybe i could buy the dress though.. ;) BUT i have 5 birthdays coming up in april so i have to be looking out for things to buy other people.. and one of those people is my boyfriend who i LOVE to buy presents for (probs coz i'm so good at it.. ahahaa) i've alos got alot of parties to look forward to and a spa weekend in april! oooh treats!

i'm beginning to panic about how my interview went at liverpool, on the day i think it went fine with only a few hiccups... but now the more i think about it, the more i worry about how it went. i was quite nervous and left my form in the car and had to run back out and get it, and i didn't answer the questions i was asked very well...
i really really want to get in! the place is AMAZING... and i can see myself settleing in so well. i hate waiting! i wnt to know if i'm in or our out so i can get my head out of my bum and stop worrying! ahhhhhhhh!
anyway, skins tonight and my boyfriends cooking my tea :)
p.s read this post that steph wrote, and it's so true what she says, i blog whatever makes me happy and i love having my blog to have a moan on or to show off some new shoes! enjoy having a blog and say what you like! ahahaha
pp.s despite everything i just said.. I NEED THAT SKIRT.

23 February 2011

sideshow bob

panda jumper (shrunk in wash) - topshop jeans - hollister - moccasins - peacocks

urggggggggggggg! i'm absolutely nursing a 'tummy ache' today, so i have with me at work now & heat magazine's, a freddo, a hot choclate and some rich tea biccys... also my snuggliest cardigan and ugg boots. today is definitely a i cba with anybody day.  
my hair is also a perm because i left all my hair products at my boyfriends after liverpool.. so i had no chice but to let it do what it wants to do, i look like sideshow bob when its down. not cool. 
i'm seeing my dad tonight and going for tea sooo.. i think i'll go for some comfort foods.. mmm hello huge bowl of salty ramen noodles, i want you. i also have another interview scheduled in march! 1 down, 2 to go! c'monnnn!
wish me luck!
i've defo stripped back all the layers.. gone for a very comfy and basic look today :)
hope you have a nicer wednesday than me!

As i didn't get to do my biggest tunes on monday! heres some current songs i'm lurrrvin:

Tonite Only – We Run The Nite - there defo needs to be a LONGER version of the original! 
Zimms - My Feelings (Original Mix) - wow literally on my feel boogie away to this right now!
Hercules and Love Affiar - My House (Tensnake Remix) - this makes me feel like ibiza is round the corner! 
Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (Adrien Mezsi Reboot) - been trying for weeks to get hold of this but Arien Mezsiis putting it up for download for free as of march 1st! amazing!
Danny Dove & Ben Preston ft. Susie LedgeFalling - such a good bouncy deep tune.. got a right bass in it!

p.s extra special mention to the people behind beatmyday DON'T KNOW WHERE MY HEAD WOULD BE WITHOUT THEIR AMAZING CHOICES. (probabley up my bum) love love love love love!

22 February 2011

a whole new world?

shirt - newlook  leather jacket - H&M  necklace - topman  leggings - topshop  black wedges - varanni

i have had a LOVELY weekend, i went to liverpool on sunday as me and joe booked in a hotel on the dock. the weather was absolutely freezing.. and i was really excited to go to liverpool one but when we got in there to my shock horror the shopping centre had NO ROOF. i moaned my way around it until it was no longer bareable so we went back to the hotel and snuggled up in bed, with a little cup of tea and some daytime tele.
then we got ready and went out for a meal at yee rah which is above liverpool one which was REALLY TASTY, i would definitely recommend.
got a little bit giddy on wine back at the hotel and played the malteaser game.. they don't mention in the adverts that the chocolate is gunna melt do they? got it everwhere. cheers.

had my university interview on monday! which was the whole point in going to liverpool, i'd say it went alright.. i have no idea if it's a yes or a no which puts me in that horrible waiting position. i have to say though.. i was totally BLOWN AWAY by the studios, facilities, layout and space that Liverpool John Moore's University had to offer. so if i do get accepted then i am faced with a very difficult decision of whether to move into the city and back into halls. which would mean giving up my car and going back to public transport, not seeing my friends and family as much, and settleing into a whole new world.. a little bit scary!

i went in urban outfitters in liverpool, and absolutely fell in love with the first pair, if i had a spare £85 then i would of bought them straight away! but as i've just bought my new black ones.. i really don't need another pair of wedges.. do i? the other 3 are perfect for summer!

shoes - all urban outfitters!

hope you all had a lovely weekend! and if anyone has moved away from home to go to uni, please let me know how it went for you!

18 February 2011

the weekend is here people!

 vest - H&M  belt - Topshop  skirt - Newlook  hoodie - american apparel  necklace - topshop

most definitely have the friday fever today and i'm not in the mood to be working! i'm just slumped in my chair like a defeated cabbage.. GAHHHHHHHH
i know that as soon as i leave the building i will be fine.. it's just being in this warm office drinking loads of cups of tea is making me sleepy... ;(

i've put a picture up of what i wore yesterday because i don't like anything about myself today! i feel very 'nice' looking.. and i hate looking like this! do you know what i mean? i like looking like i've just rolled out of bed and a bit shabby.. today i'm like a freshly ironed shirt.. with my hair all nice and neat and pretty. yukk...
this is why i always put a hoodie on or converse so i don't feel like i'm trying to hard and look more casual.. i don't know why i just have such a big issue wih it!
maybe it's coz i don't dress up 'to go out' anymore, i go out to sankeys most of the time and heels there is a no go, i always go out in a crop top, leggings and a hoodie.. maybe it's coz i'm in a long term relationship that i just dislike looking 'nice' when i'm not with him.. westtttttt.
any north west girls planning on attending this? Lauren's Bloggers meet up
i'm thinking of going up to sheff for it, so let me know if anyone close by fancys coming with me!

p.s this is my favourite EVER illustrator/crazy/designer/ ian stevenson (i often send him creepy emails complimenting his madness and how i want to get inside his brain and see just what the fuck is goin on in there.. i want some of that shit) CHECK HIM OUT!