28 March 2011

full of the flu!

i've been ill for like 8 days with the god dam flu all this week so its been early nights and medicine for me, due to my work circumstances i wasnt able to have any days off so ive been suffering in silence at my desk with my hot water bottle and beechams. boo hoo.
but.. in the hope that i feel better within 5 hours, i went out to kissy sell out at sankeys on friday aswell which hasn't helped me being ill. my friend jordan counsel played upstairs in spektrum which was urrrmazing, we left shortly after that because the music/atmosphere downstairs was shit!

also really dissapointed in my new mac  foundation. i found that it's is quite orangey and felt very sweaty after a few hours and it goes on like a paste. it also transfers onto everything! i was on the phone before, looked at my screen. it was covered in foundation.. not about it. in my opionion.. don't fix whats not broken! bobbi browns foundation has been loyal to me for 3 years now and is perfect.. why did i change?! it's the perfect consistancy, stays on all day without getting that sliding feeling and is so blendable!
so i went back to bobbi brown and the lady wiped off all my fake tan and matched the foundation to my natural skin tone. not cool, wish i never threw away my old bottle coz i dont know what shade it was. WOUNDED
i'm not blogging till im feeling better.


  1. Get better soon doll! The bear is so cute, tehe.

  2. arhh my little jessywessy *bbm hug face*
    hope you feel better soon baby! NAUGHTY girl going bloody sankos- should of stayed in bed- are you off work now then or what?
    you need lots of brews, hottie and corrie :) xxxxxx

  3. That really sucks that your so ill and have to go to work! What do you work as? It sounds like an office job. If you don't have to deal with the public I guess that makes it kind of better because then you need to be all happy and stuff.
    I recently discovered the joys of fake tan. Do you use wash off or wear off? I tried No.7 wear off and it was pretty good. Fake tanning is such a hassle but lovely at the same time haha.
    Get better soon! xxx

  4. get well soon! i swear everyone ill hehe!
    such a cute image! aahaa!
    Krissy xoxo

  5. get well soon :)
    i cant wear mac foundation either and we all know how much i love mac haha! all the shades are too orange based and just get oranger as the day goes on...not good. I swear by bourjois healthy mix foundation :) xxx

  6. Get well soon! Currently suffering from the same thing and it's not fun :( xx

  7. Oh Jess, I really hope you feel better soon sweet. Lots of rest and relaxation for you! xx

  8. Hmm is this because you are naughty girl at work they think your skivving? You have to make a big fuss so everyone worried about catching your illness and let you go home- coughing and sneexing over everyone! pahahaha
    I think its still too cold tbh you wont get me in any summer wear as yet... not getting my chicken legs out for anybody- not even you! feeling any better sausage? going traff centre tonight I am- excites on. xxxxxx

  9. Sorry to hear that you've been ill. Feel better soon.

  10. brogues are such a hard thing to wear normally, but with the trends around at the moment they are the perfect shoe. i'm still writing posts about different coloured/types of brogues so i'll explain more then. But you can't beat chinos, jeggings and of course the black opaques and hotpants!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  11. Was the mac foundation studio fix by any chance? I have it and seem to have the same problem, it's no better than cheaper foundations! Gutted I paid £20. I've yet to find the perfect foundation. :(

  12. I went to see kissy sellout at sankeys too! it was beyond awesome! love your blog and your style...x

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thank you so much dollies xxx