20 March 2011

broken nose... its your time to shine!

Shirt - Newlook  Necklace - H&M  Blazer - Topshop  Bag - Primark  Leggings - H&M
shoppping trip today! yessssss
i'm bought some birthday presents for some friends and fam, a bit of topshop jewellery, some new mac make up and a make up bag. i also had a eyebrow wax and tint :') 
i feel like i'm coming down with a cold tho, so i just didnt want to be there! was so glad to get home.
i went to liverpool on saturday too, checked out my halls. p e r f e c t! more than what i wanted, absolutely central location. i could roll out of bed onto a train its that fucking central. so i just need to get them confirmed, then do my student finance, then were rockin and rollin! the premium suite that i'll be renting in the halls is well sweeet. the bedroom is bigger than mine now! proper proper excited.

we all know our camera angles, and what works for our face and body right, and i ALWAYS have my picture taken with my face angled to the left. well today i have taken my pictures from the right! my nose is a diferent shape on this side from when i broke it when i was a kid. ever since i have hiden it away from picture moments in utter wonky shame. well those days are over. this is my nose! i don't care anymore! 

i will have a blog read marathon tommorow at work! can't wait!
bye ladys! xxxxx
p.s the only way is essex tonight yeeeeeee


  1. Oh I love Liverpool you lucky duck! Quack Quack ha ha!!

    High 5 for TOWIE :) xx

  2. ooooo liverpool! lucky!
    love your shirt!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. I got my eyebrows done this weekend too!

  4. Eeep, I love your shirt Jess! Might have to take me and my 20% discount voucher over to New Look in the very near future! So glad you're pretty much sorted with accommodation lovely, toooold ya it would work out ;) There's absolutely nothing wrong with your nose sweet! I always tilt my head to the side (any side) because my face is preeetty round aha! xxx

  5. Liverpool you lucky thing! Embrace the wonky nose! Haha :) It's not even that wonky at all anyways! Love the blazer and IM IN ESSEX GIRRL! Love the only way is essex soo much!

    Shope, xxxxxx

  6. LOVE the outfit :D !!
    and your nose looks pretty un-broken to me loool you don't need to worry about it x

  7. Glad your room sounds good! It'll be nice to have a big room and it being central makes it better!
    And your nose looks fine to me, I can't see any wonk :P

  8. Yay for shopping trips, I cant even remember the last time I went on spree.

    But so happy for you, you have been bless by God. Go hunnie!!!!!!!

    I have to agree, certain angles work for me as well.

    Gotta Love the noses.



  9. your nose is fine you goon! i missed TOWIS 'coz i was out getting rather wasted ;)
    however i'll be catching up asap. gotta love tacky tv! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. good on you, your nose looks cute to me! I totally agree that we should stop hiding from our insecurities.
    Love that outfit on you too, you really suit blazers!

  11. love your outfit, especially the top! xx

  12. there's nothing wrong with your nose?! I don't see what you see anyway. I WANT THAT SHIRT NOW! omg x

  13. love that shirt, it's gorgeee!<3

  14. scouseeeeerrrrrrrr!!!!
    how you doingggg mate
    can I just say yeah, I dont even know what your talking about, if I didnt read this blog post I wouldnt of noticed anything wrong with your nose, and I still can't see anything bad with it mate!
    Your nose is fine!

    Looks like your looking forward to moving out now, mate my room is the size of a shoebox, so pissed
    Cant wait to move back into my old room - how can I get turfed out my room by my little brother who never even sleeps in there aghhh hahaha

  15. F! Absolutely fr amazing!

    Totally what I would wear. Fierce, tough girl!

    x following!

  16. loving this outfit! the blouse is so lovely <3

  17. love the colours


  18. I love your blazer and your blouse and basically your entire outfit! :D and mrs, there nout up with your nozzle! I always tilt my head a bit in pictures cos my face is so circular hahah.
    you accommodation sounds amazing! You're going to have such a good time! :D You must be getting well excited! :D xxx

  19. ps. your hair is a lovely length and I bet it'd look amazing curled a bit, a la Fearne! :D xxxx

  20. MATE missed you and your bugger comments.
    how you feeling kidda?
    lack of tassels- just for you!?
    BB back yet? xxxxx

  21. Lovely outfit, love the colours. Think I have the very same blazer (wearing it today too :p) And hello to your nose from a different angle, embracing our little defects is the way to go I say! (although I think you looks fine ) xx

  22. love the outfit. the h&m blazer is awesome

  23. cute outfit...one nnose, one life, screw the haters :)

    Lydz xX

  24. Love your blog :) I broke my nose when I was a kid too (yay for hyperactive brothers and their kicking!) and mine looks pretty similar to yours... I've had a pretty bad time with it, but I've learnt to love it now haha :)

    now following! x

  25. I've seen so many people wearing that shirt, and I love it! So sad that there's no New Look in the US :/

  26. And you look like a little rockstar. Love the outfit. Thanks for sharing photos and drop by me too, soon.



thank you so much dollies xxx