07 March 2011


dress - primark  heels - newlook   belt - topshop  necklace - topman 
hello sweeties,
i have a feeling this is going to be quite a deep post. the news about me getting into liverpool is very exciting and very scary. its made me quite anxious about my future though! since leaving university i have got into a very cosy bubble of having my car, my job, money, my friends nearby, nights out, my boyfriend on tap, my family and my house, stableness and safety..
and if i choose to go to liverpool then all of those things get jiggled and my bubble gets popped! suddenly i'm feeling very vunerable in a whole new place with no job, no friends nearby and new... everything!
but. it's something i'm going to have to do though, i need to do this for me!

my last experience moving out into halls was awful. i hated my housemates after a few months and found it very hard to cope with how messy they were. the kitchen was disgusting all the time and the cleaners never cleaned it and we had to share a bathroom which was moldy and slimey. this time i want to spend a bit extra and get all the comforting things.. like an en-suite! and a double bed! drooolll... i'm going to be well away from home so i cant go running back in tears. this has to be done properly! as i'm very fragile and don't do well with these things... and i cry at everything.

my friend gave me some amazing advice about this, she said to me that you can't live your life for other people, and the best of them will be there for you no matter where you are. which is completely true, because shes down in london and i'm still here for her! i know that my friends and my relationship will change a little, but hopefully not too much! thats life, things come up and you have to adapt to it and just roll with it. this is going to be a huge test though for me as a person.. bring on the trumpets!
anybody done this? advice needed girls!


  1. Your dress is so cute! Couldn't quite believe it when I saw it was from Primark! I'm at uni in Manchester and I couldn't recommend the uni and halls experience more! I'm lucky because quite a lot of my friends and my boyfriend are living in Manchester too so it was less of a big step for me. And as for an ensuite... I couldn't live without one! xx

  2. you'll be fiiiiine! i moved all the way from newcastle to southampton (basically opposite ends of the country ha) for university and i don't regret a single thing. i had an en suite and it was so much nicer than my friends who didn't, defo a good choice there. as for things changing.. they will, definitely. might not seem for the best in the first few weeks but trust me it'll be worth it. the best advice i can give you is talk to EVERYONE, be friends with EVERYONE, anyone! just meet people. and don't be too bothered if you don't click with someone straight away.. it'll happen. it just takes time. use the people around you to meet other people and stuff. when i first moved i REALLY missed home, by the third year though i barely went home, and now i've moved back to newcastle i miss my southampton life like you wouldn't believe. so depressing! you're going to have the best time xxxx

  3. you totally need to go + you shall my dear, + it'll be so so SO much better than last time!
    but yeah.. get an ensuite.. it's not about sharing a bathroom with people you've only just met!

    looking hot as always btw ;) xxxxxxxxx

  4. firstly, you look stunning, I adore the dress on you. Lovely :)
    Secondly, you will be fine!! Getting the little more space that you need- with the en-suite etc sounds like it will do you wonders. and even though I've not been, I've had many friends who have & my bf who still is there, you will be fine. & no! You can't go running back, but yeah, I'm sure you will have some tears, but they will help you & you will learn to live with it & hopefully find some amazing friends there that will make the experience worth living. you will grow, and find your self so much as a person. Nothing is as bad as it seems, and it's only what, 3 years of you life. You can do it lady, just keep in contact with your friends & family, but just let it be, take it as it is

  5. nice nail polish :)
    good luck with everything, i'm sure it will all work out really well!xxx


  6. love the dress, i tried it on but it looked ridic on me cause it was a bit longer than id like, but it suits you! im in a similar sitch, i go to uni at home atm just cause i didnt have a clue what it was i wanted to do so i thought id try a course im interested in doing and just drop out after a year, which is what im doing as im going to nottingham in september! and like you, i am really worried. i usually get on with boys so much better than girls so im scared ill get stuck with a bunch of girls totally opposite to me who i wont get on with, but if i wanna get anywhere in life i guess i need to go somewhere which is better than my current uni for what i wanna do! i also got into liverpool john moores but cause im from the midlands i didnt wanna be toooo far away just incase i do hate it! xx

  7. I cannot find this dress anywhere for the life of me ): You look absolutely lovely in it. As for the accomodation situation sweet, you'll be absolutely fine! I didn't have an en-suite in halls, had the most uncomfortable bed in the world, and half of my first year flatmates hated me BUT I still managed to have a great time (: You'll always be meeting new people, and I guarantee you'll click with at least one person. Despite having a rocky start to Uni, I've met some of my best pals here *cheesefest!*~ so you'll do just fine <3

  8. Dress looks lovely!
    As for uni, well, like you said it's something you want to do for you. I think people going to uni are nuts if they're not scared because I think it's the scariest thing possible we can do at this age. It involves so many changes like moving out and having to look after yourself with people you don't know, and your miles away from home. But I'm sure once you've done it you'll feel so proud of yourself, because it's pretty good prep for life on your own. It'll be scary, and it'll be tough, but it'll be worth it :)

  9. The dress is so pretty. You look beautiful.
    http://www.ohsopetite.blogspot.com ♥

  10. I was in a similar situation.

    When I left high school to start community college (a 2 yr college in the states) I was happy. I was working, going out, shopping, going to class, and living. But when I wanted to transfer out, I was nervous because I knew I would have to make some changes. So when I got into the school I wanted to get into, I had to give up all that up.

    Being in this new situation, I have no job, and it bugging me because I hate having to sit around and not do anything, and the lack of social fun it boring.

    But I just look towards the summer, and realized that it will be like that again for a short period of time.


  11. I'm in 3rd year of uni and me and my boyfriend have been together the whole time with him in London and me in Southampton. MY biggest advice is to have no expectations - just take things as they come. There is no point panicking when you don't know what you're in for yet :)
    And now I'm actually living in France and see my boyfriend every 6 weeks-ish and we're still fine. We Skype and text all the time so nothing too much has changed!
    As for your friends, well every time we see each other when we come home it's like we've never been apart and nothing has changed!

  12. Oh babes CONGRATS

    This is a mass thing for you but the BEST and you dont want to live to regret so your going to give it your all YEAHHH! I wish you the best of luck and im always here to chat :) xxxxx

  13. I have that dress in cream! :D X

  14. jsut clocked your profile pic!
    I LOVE it, was gonna take my shirt back that you wearing but you've made me want to keep it now! goregousss!
    Yes ANTM is my ultimate and yes I think Anne is this best but shes so strange!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  15. ps are you on twitter? xxxx

  16. Thanks for the lovelt comment hun and great idea about the boots. You look gorgeous here, really suit the dress. xx

  17. Aww Jess Jess Jess. LOOOL
    I cry at everything too, even though I'm also a gangster.
    gangster by day, cry babie by night.
    I'm too sensitive loool!!

    But I think you'll feel homesick at first, but then I think you'll just end upgetting used to it and you'll feel more settled when you make new friends and stuff!

    What are you going to study by the way?
    And is your bf gunner come visit you and stuff?

    omg what a actual normal post from me lmaoo xx

  18. congratulations! it is very scary, that is why I haven't moved away yet! :) put on an extra wide smile and go for it :) you look gorgeous here!


  19. the shoes look fab on you x

  20. Ahhh Jess- I hate facebook, this is a shame ill jsut have to overload you with blogger comments :) maybe not so bad pahaa!


  21. I love your blog, now following xx


    That other girl commented my blog and said Cher Lloyd as well - I friggen can't stand Cher, erghhh makes me so mad she does lmaooo!!!!

    Scouser - no I have never heard one talk loool! OMG are you a scouser??? Wait what is a scouser, someone from your village???
    my voice is kinda like cockynyishh is some sort of way loool!!!

    ooo get you with all the designing stuff!! That will be a sick course to study!!!
    wait your not going to take your car with you?????? WHY!??

    I wanna go uni, just for like the fun of it looool, but I'm not going :/ still wanna go though loool! Just to have the experience I suppose
    Also how long have you been with your bf?
    FML. Can't get over the Cher Lloyd comparison loool - really can't! I can't stand her, can't believe she said that loooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    bye :) xxx

  23. Haha JESS you have been ordered to get twitter by too many people now, you've given in YARRRR

    Ermm I SO cant find you? my username:@georgie_bird however ill keep searching for you!


  24. You look really beautiful!
    I love that dress, I'll be hunting in primark for months to find it now! haha
    Your friend is so right about doing things for yourself. I learnt that the hard way too.
    If a friend is a true friend they'll still be there when your down no matter what has happened.
    good luck!

  25. Gorgeous dress, I've been keeping my eye out for it for an age. The Primark where I live is rubbishy boo hoo.
    ... And good luck with all the Uni stuff, it's so draining. You've done super well to even get a place, i'm finding this year overtly competitive. I'm so nervous about moving away too :) You seem like a lovely, fun girl I wouldn't worry a thing xxxx



thank you so much dollies xxx