31 January 2011

Music Monday

helllo! this is just a picture of the chilled side of me, no make up, trackies and my boyfriends t-shirt.. playing with my hairdryer sock (which is what i keep my camera in.. shocking! i really need a case!)
right, theres two things i enjoy most in my spare time.. shopping and fashion, and music.
music is something i have always been into but my music taste has changed over the years, now i dabble in a bit of tech house, trance, deep house, electro, chilled, prog house, minimal... you getz my drift? and i take so much pride in the music i choose. i have certain playlists on my itunes depending on the mood of which it could be listened. (i have always been this anal) and i have all my music in date order because otherwise i tend to have all my trancy stuff in one batch and chilled in another.. as apose to haveing it going from madonna? to major lazer? to maya jay coles? which doesn't flow and would not go down great.
i love music, i takes you too so many diffrent places and it can completely make a crowd of 5,000 go mental or can kill an atmosphere at a house party (like what some guy did when he put a bit of james blunt on or whatever the fuck it was this weekend. NOT COOL) when i quit uni, i had all these crazy ideas and one of them was to become a DJ, i have the mind for it, the taste, the love, just i dont have the skill, time or the commitment. i'd rather sit back and appreciate it when i can see somebody else enjoying it. maybe one day i will get too know the decks more.. but for now, here's my 5 tunes that i am loving at the moment...

Cassius - I Love You So  this song is so chilled, it almost breaks my heart
Gorillaz Empire Ants (Miami Horror remix)
really cute upbeat electro version of a gorrilaz song

Gil Scott Heron and Jamie xx  - 'I'll Take Care Of U'
jamie from the xx, i have loved everything he has ever made. he has this little bounce in every song that is addictive. would. love. to. see. him. live.
Andrea Roma - Iong (Ahmet Sendil Remix) 
alot heavier, recently played this at my friends flat and got good feedback. had too put it up. 2 minutes in, dream.
Stanton Warriors - Turn Me Up Some
not one of my friends would pat me on the back for this one, this is a song that i play in secret in my own car when nobody else can hear it. it's so bad that its good!
+ the wild card
El Guincho   Palmitos Park
because i literally can not listen too this without feeling incredibly happy! and the video is really sweet!

enjoy and have a good day!

30 January 2011


t-shirt-topshop  shorts-river island  belt-topshop  tights-primark  brouges-newlook  scarf-vintage

i have had the most chillllled weekend.. ever. it involved spending both nights at jordan and kanes flat just having a chill.. we had the decks, good tunes, good company (apart from the a few west people) good chinese food from blue ginger, and yeh, we watched 127 hours.
it is deep! it shows the pain of this man get his arm wedged inbetween a bolder and the rest of the desert and he hasn't told ANYONE that he is there. so he is forced to break his arm and cut it off with a blunt pen knife, i urge anyone who likes deep emotion filled films to go and watch it nowwwww.
its sunday! got to dance semi finals are on sky1, and i just love it when it gets too this stage, the auditions are pretty rubbish to watch, but this stuff is the proper rehursed amazing stuff that just makes you sit there and think.. wow. all i can do is a handstand.
so this is my outfit! it's nothing special, i love this t-shirt and i wear it all the time when i can't be bothered to dress up! but i never get too wear these shorts as i never know how to wear them.. they look better with barelegs, but its winter and i have no fake tan on. (which is literally killing me) so i just added the wooly tights... i think tonight i will be hitting the bottle! ahahaha
late shifts for the week ahead! mann... thats no fun!

28 January 2011


 dress - topshop  bag - riverisland  brouges - newlook
i told myself i wasn't going to rant about skins.. BUT I JUST REALLY WANT TOO.
i'm sorry but.. WHAT THE FUCK. are you being serious? that is the biggest load of wank i have ever seen.  i wasn't exactly feeling this series when it was being advertised but i thought i'd watch it because all the past series have been quite good.
but really? when have you ever met a person that is like one of those people seriously? nobody is that 'cool' or weird or messed up.. and if you was.. nobody would want to hang out with you.. espechially 'the coolest girl in school' who is a nob.
it was just so predicatable.. running through the shopping centre doing drugs.. being fucked over by the popular girls... having some mosher stoner kids save you from the posh party.. going swimming at night (which wouldn't be allowed) and then the ending.. as if that would EVER happen. 'GO ON SHOOT ME, YOUR SO BEAUTIFULLLL' bleughhhhhh
i'm going to watch next weeks incase it gets better.. but i haven't got high hopes for this series.
and what lad wears a 'woolly cricket gillet' in this day and age... i thought only jocks on american films wore them? where were the normal college people that you see wearing bootcut jeans and ugg boots?
rant over! ahaha
i'm going to jordan and kanes flat now as a LAST MINUTE plan. i'm going because kaylie is stuck with the boys.. and its not fair too leave my lady friend on her lonesome!
i will write a happy post tommorow! AS ITS THE WEEEEKENDDDD. LETS GO SHAKE IT!

27 January 2011

a few things i've got my eye on!

1. xen tan dark lotion  2. topshop  3. jimmy choo eau parfum  4. ASOS  5. topshop  6. topshop 7. ASOS 8. topshop

hello! this week has gone FAST! here i am still on tuesday and bloody wednsday flys past. so now it's thursday... wow.
these are a  few things that i am currently in love with, things that i want to buy as soon as i get paid! to be fair.. i do need them.. i'm running out of purfume and fake tan, i lost about 6 of my rings last weekend and it's nearly spring!.. so therefore i have reasons to buy them!

i'm going out for tea tonight with my dad and sister, so i'm going to drive home after work, pick up beckie and an overnight bag and rush up to wigan and meet my dad at the resturant. we've decided too stay over aswell because it's quite rare that we do stay over... and i just thought it would be nice too spend some quality time with him (while watching skins.. haha. like i'd miss it sorry dad.) it does mean getting up SUPER EARLY to get too work the next day... but it's chilled. its friday tommorow!
and then its THE WEEKEND! i'm definately not going out. planning on a few of us at jordans, chilled night with drinks and films. and i'm going to get started on my new poster for my portfolio which is going too drain me! apparently i'm a bit of a bitch when i'm in work mode so as i prepare for my interviews.. evil jess will probebly come out to play. (sorry joe..) i will TRY not to be a 'stress ed'
watched the national tv awards last night, and the bit when they invited the two young girls in the audience to give the award was so irritating. reminded me of the two girls from xfactor.. (the one that punches her best mate in the head) just was a bad choice of audience members to be honest.
hope your having a good day!
p.s i just went out to my car and somebody from another office had put an a4 piece of paper on my window saying "please could you refraid from parking in these spaces marked (AM)"
how about you SHUT UP!

26 January 2011

mid-week treat

leopard vest: topshop  trousers: river island  black pumps: topshop  necklace: accessorize

these are the trousers i bought from riverisland, i LOVE the colour and the shape, they are really comfy with an elasticated band around the top so they fit really snug but not too tight. but they came with the tastley black belt that i'm not too sure about.. there is just something about it i don't quite like. but it does come off!
last night lauren came round for tea which was really nice because i haven't seen her in ages! so we had a little catch up and a natter, then i took her home in time for my big fat gypsy wedding. which was amazing! i love good evening tv.. there is sometimes so nice and satisfying about sitting like a slob in your jammies with a cup of tea a few biscuits! it's one of my greatest comforts. either that or wine. (mmm!)
you know when you really want something.. and you can't get it out of your head? well i'm in that state of mind right now with a pair of brown lace wedges. i saw them in new look a few days ago, and they must of come in on that day because they were all just sat on a chair waiting to be worked into the shelfs. as soon as they go on the website I WILL POST THEM. i also need to buy a new fake tan as mines running out, but i'm a bit sick of the one i use at the moment which is this (it lasts a week, and it really good but you put it on clear and it dries into a tan so it's sticky for agesss) but, i think i'll try xen-tan as i've had good reviews! anybody ever tried it?
i'm having fish for tea! my boyfriends cooking.. mmm fishy fishy fish with more fish pls!
love! xxx
as you can see by the pictures above.. i'm sort of having more fun with it now? i'm not as scared of the camera. ahahaa

25 January 2011

a few home truths.

shirt: newlook   jeggings: river island   wedges: newlook   necklace: JUNK

i went shopping last night after work, and you know what.. retail therapy is the best kind of therapy, it makes you feel so much better! i hate those shopping trips where you can't find anything and you end up feeling like an ugly duckling. but yesterday was a successful trip, it felt good to buy clothes! i swapped the gorgeous peach blouse i bought from newlook (which was ripped and a button fell off) for this one with birds all over it.. which to be honest is far nicer and is alot better material, the other blouse felt quite tight and the material was so thin! plus this one is definitely more me!

i also bought these jeggins from river island which are VERY brave for me. i have never been able to wear normal fitting jeans or jeggings because i used to be so skinny that they would hang off my bum and thighs... but now that i'm back to a normal size with a bum and hips.. i can actually buy jeans that fit, and when i tried these on yesterday, i nearly cried with happiness! i've never owed a pair of really light jeans like these either as i normaly hide in dark colours, but i think this outfit just threw me into spring! honestly, feels good to appreciate myself again and to embrace what i have, because i've come to realise that being a bit bigger and having a more curvey frame is alot more attractive than looking like a skeleton. nobody wants to hold a skeleton, and it took love to teach me that. (bleugggghh) ye really.

i also bought some hair things to spuse up my dry hair and some orangey brown trousers from river island which i might wear tommorow...
tonight my friend lauren is coming round, going to cook a curry maybe? i really fancy one! i think curry is my favourite food and my goal this year is too learn how to make a a really tasty spicy one. i can do a pretty decent thai curry but thats not difficult.
peace! xxx
song i'm totally loving at the moment: Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx – I'll Take Care Of U

24 January 2011

money burning a hole in my pocket.

i have recovered from the weekend and feel fresh as a daisy now! so fresh, that i want to go and buy things. i'm going to trafford centre tonight because i have vouchers to spend from christmas and i'm highly excited because i have been very good this month and barely bought anything. but i do think it's about time i got myself something new.. all of the above are river island because thats where most of my vochers are for.. i did want some new trousers but i don't fancy another pair of peg leg trousers because they just add pounds round the hips! noooohhhh we don't want that!
so skirts and blouses are the top of my list!
spring time? hellooooo spring! i can not wait. i absolutely hate winter, but this winter hasn't been that bad because i've had the luxury of having my car, and i just can't imagine not having it now that i have it. the summer is going to be so chilled with nissan niall to drive around in. summer tunes and sunglasses and the windows OPEN... the heating OFF. road trips and picnics! bbq's and beaches!
everyones happier when the weather gets nicer too.. sunny vibes. i love em.
my boyfriends mum left for lithuania this morning on a business trip and i made the mistake of saying to her "are you going to get time to sunbathe?" i then got corrected that lithuania is in russia and it's snowing. lol. (duh)
i watched 'the kings speech' last night, absolutely loved it... i think maybe it's because i have such a crush on colin firth, but the story is really sweet and i highly recommend it too anybody that likes quite bland films. like i do...
peace! xxx

22 January 2011

pete thong,

My head hurts! i must apologise for yesterdays awful picture. i literally took 3 pictures then my camera ran out of battery so i had a choice of 3 really bad pictures. i look like a monkey?

the crowd that was at sankeys last night has completely changed, it seems there is alot of people there that go out on the pull instead of going out for the music. i know that when i'm there i'm there for my friends, the dj booth, the all night skanking and a few cigs outside. there was just so many desperate people... girls aswell. one of the lads in our group was getting approached by girls all night. and you know what, i just could not be bothered! never have i been out 'on the pull' because it just dosn't appeal to me, but to go up too several lads in one night... at a place like sankeys. wow. 
it was really good night though. jordan councel smashed it in spektrum and absolutely got the crowd going, and he was enjoying every minute of it and getting involved with the crowd and was really going for it! i felt so proud of him coz i've never seen him play before.
pete tong on the other hand.. all i remember seeing of him was his slimey face bobbing up and down and him shouting "HELLO MANCHESTER, I FUCKING LOVE THIS PLACE. I LOVE IT IN HERE." ye well. you should of PLAYED BETTER THEN. his set was too deep and took to long to get going. it needed to be a bit bouncier and more electro. wasn't too interested so we all went back to jordans flat, got the decks going and chillllled out. 
was a weird and fantastic night. and now i'm going to have a chinese takeaway to sooth my head!
a BETTER outfit post tommorow, and a bit more too say maybe?
p.s i wore my hair extentions in a pony tail and absolutely rocked them!

21 January 2011

are you raving or behaving?!

FRIDAY IS HERE. it is the best feeling in the world, when you have worked a full week and you know the weekend is yours! tonight when i finish work im gunna dash home, get a shower, have my tea then go get kaylie, drive to jordans flat, have a pre party, go to sankeys, rave, then crash at jordans for an afterparty, wake up and go for a swim in his rooftop pool!
pretty excited, i'm not even fazed that its pete tong playing. it could be some fat naked man with a condom on his head. i just wanna go out and party with kaylie and the lads till the sun comes up!
last night i watched the black swan and i can totally see why it has been awarded (or nominated..) for a berzillion awards. it is fantastic and directed beautifully. i'm not going into detail because i know nothing about films.. but its just good, and you should go and see it.

i need to put some clothes on ebay soon as also of my clothes dont fit me anymore. which is quite upsetting because styles never go back into shops. thats the only thing i hate about topshop! they refresh the stock that quickly, that if you don't get it while you have it in your hand... you'll never get it again! when i used to work on the delivery, i could get first dibs on all the new stock before it went out onto the shopfloor (it was amazing)

p.s I HAD THE WEIRDEST DREAM last night. i always have weird dreams. but this one was about a man that turned into a massive people eating spider and he had loads of legs with with venom coming out of them.. but he had a human face that looked like an old man with a beard. WHAT ON EARTH DOES THAT MEAN.

20 January 2011



blazer: topshop
bodycon skirt: zara
brown belt: topshop
t-shirt: H&M
nails: barry m 301

oh god. i really cringe when i see pictures of myself. this was my first attemp of using self timer on my tripod and it's so difficult. i evidently need practise. (gimme time!) my face looks like i dont have a clue what i was doing.. haha.
last night i dyed my hair to a darker brown and died my hair extentions aswell, it was a bit of a nightmare because my kitten molly loves sitting in the bathroom so i kept finding her in there staring at the mass of hair on the floor in complete fear. everytime i go in the bathroom shes sat behind the toilet. shes so weird! i dont know when i'm going to wear them thought, like i said.. i dont feel comfortable wearing them because i always fear they will look rediculously shit and fake so i'll have to put a picture up with them in.. maybe i'll wear them tomorrow night, hurrrm

tonight i'm going to my boyfriends and it's gunan be so chillllled, gunna watch some fat tv and a film later on. if i'm lucky i might have my tea cooked for me when i get their.. that would be really nice. i'll start hinting ;)
good news! my friend lauren has moved back to her mum's so shes only down the road from me now.. so now i might actually get too see her. (was it december?! when i last her!) buts shes been having a really hard time at at moment.. so if you are reading this on 'yah daddys tinternet' then i love you and everythings gunna get better soon! (even if you have turned yourself ginger because your a mong)

i watched that 'joys of teen sex' last night show that was on tv last night. it was SO funny! there is this bit when this girl decides she wants a 'vajazzle' so it shows her on tv having a wax then having this HIDEOUS playboy gem thing stuck on her fanny. the girl interviewing her is stood by the side watching with this bemused look on her face... tormenting her. and it show'd a lad getting his 'king edward' pierced, i crossed my legs for him and sat their just thinking OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING.
(then i rewinded sky, video'd it and sent it to my boyfriend) lol
have a good day!

19 January 2011


i feel very boring at the moment and i haven't bought any new clothes in what feels like forever (which is a lie because i bought two tops last week) but i just feel like there is so many things i want and i just can't have because i'm supposed to be saving my money!
i have an endless list of make-up i want to buy and another endless list of clothes, accessories and shoes. and then i have to buy things to get my portfolio ready! and electrical things for my computer! so instead of saving money.. i've just worked up a massive lsit that will all have to be bought next month... never very clever to be honest.
i just look at my waredrobe and i can't find anything! i'm just pieceing together the same old outfits. i need a massive clear up actually. my underwear doesn't fit in my drawers anymore.. its all hanging out like a mass escape.
plus. i haven't been out on a proper mad night out since november! and i can NOT wait till friday, i keep banging on about it.. but seriously.. hurry up friday. (takin de pizz)
i'm going to make a promise that i will do a outfit post next week. a proper one with clear shots and things i can talk about. i will get my tripod out and everything. pretty excited.

at this moment, i'm sat in work nurseing a tummy ache in my massive grey cardigan, a snood, and uggs. i'm pretty glad that in this job you can literally wear ANYTHING so it's days like this that i use this rule to its advantages and look like i just got out of bed. huzzar.
p.s i still LOVE Jessie J (picturd.)

18 January 2011


this is my beatifullll little cat molly. my mum got her us for christmas and shes dead cute! i never realised until recently what catnip does too cats.. but it sends them west! molly rubs the little sit all over her and then has a bit of buzz. drugs for cats. lolz

i haven't got much to talk about! except i have just made a thai green curry and it was reallllll tastey... and fit fat gypsy wedding is on.. amazing tv.
also, the blouse i bought from newlook has RIPPED and a button has fell off. so that will be going back on saturday.. i knew there was something fishy about it! they call it 'sheer' but its so sheer that its unwearable without damage. dissapointed!

chow x

17 January 2011

Monday monday!

Hello, it was so nice too see the sun out today. it looks like summer outside before. from my desk window i look out on the canal  and there was loads of runners jogging past (or joggers running past?) sounds better than runners running anywayz. and well! it made me want too join them.
i have had an interview letter come through for liverpool which is in feb, which is quite spooky as i did book that day off from work last week.. but it does clash with my plans so i'm going to have to encorporate this into my weekend away! roaddddd trip?

Me and joe are trying to sort out valentines day, but as he's busy on the actual weekend we've decided to go for the weekend after... and i'd love to go too a spa...or a nice hotel in the middle of nowhere. a shabby bed and breakfast would actually be fine with me, as time spent with just joe doesn't come often, theres always other people hovering. so a nice chilled weekend away from everyone will be so nice.

watch jessie j's video. its absolutely rediculous how incredible she is. that girl has got SWAGGA. (ye really) shes pretty fucking cool. i think shes gunna be everywhere this year.
i'm just listening to pete tongs show that was on radio 1 on friday... getting me seriously excited for friday night, not been out in ages and i'm looking forward to good old stomp with some special people! will definately be taking some pictures to show how imense the night is.
AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL @ 10. it's the change of hairstylesnight!

much love x

16 January 2011

shirt: newlook
jeans: topshop

This is definately not the best pictures to ever show an outfit, my camera wasn't cooperating and it didn't focus right, but i did just to show off the new shirt i bought from newlook today. ever though it had a botton missing on the sleeve, i still had too buy it because it was so pretty.. so i 'borrowed' one off another shirt (otohhh spagettiohh) 

i had a lovely weekend, went to lauras house and made friends with her huskie puppy smokie, it took alot of treats! tikka terry made one of his signiture curry's and we enjoyed a natter, wine and a sleezy horror film. smokie also did a little wee on my jeans. ta.
and i went shopping with my boyfriend, got some lush things and popped into see my best friend at work.. who is most definately out on friday night! (helz yeah)
i have finished my blog that MMU have asked for to narrow down the applicants.. so my illustration/graphic design work is officially sent, which is a relieve. it was seriously winding me up because i didn't feel like it was completely ready until it all magically came together today. but! it's sighed sealed delived and out of my hands! 
a week of work lies ahead for me, then friday night pete tong at sankeys! with my friend jordan council dj'ing upstairs in spektrum! going to be an INCREDIBLE night.
muchio love , lovers x

p.s i forgot to mention how horrible gordan ramseys program was before, the bit where they 'de fin' the shark while its still alive got me blubbering. on the plus side... gordans a hunk. wink.

13 January 2011

I expected more from you..

Ahhh, it's Thursday!
Which means it's nearly the weekend! I'm going to go up to wigan on friday and see my friend laura and her new puppy. hopefully smokey will be well behaved so laura doesn't spend the night running around after her incase she wee's! i need a night of girlie gossip and wineeee (lots of wine!)
Shameless last night was a little better but i still don't think you can beat the origonal storylines... i've heard rumours that skins will be starting again soon? exciting!
I've just been looking at the Newlook s/s collection 2011.. see it here. some of the pieces are really nice! but theres a lot of things that that i'm questioning.. who what where when and why?.. Newlook in recent years have got really good with some of their collections, alot better than what i remember newlook being like when i was younger.. as their clothes back then were quite cheaply made and not exactly fashionable! but i've picked the best of the bunch from the s/s 2011 collection and shown it above! (mmm those brown shorts!)
Arrrr! The desk that i sit at in work is really uncomfortable.. i'm far too tall to fit underneath without my legs being all scrunched up! and my screen is really low so i have to sit slouched and sort of crank my neck.. and well its giveing me back ache! i may have too look into getting one of those things that props you up that you fasten to your chair. otherwise i may end up with a hunchback! (not cool) i'm going to say that i'll work on my new poster tonight and dye my hair but i doubt i'll do either as joe's coming round and stir fry and evening tv sounds well more fun.
:)  xx

12 January 2011

New Car CD!

I made a new cd last night which made my drive to work a bit more exciting. i was however sat in heaps of traffic for an hour and half which made me late, but i did get to listen to all 15 tracks. huzzarr! i might actually post songs on here in the future.. as i do love all genres of house. but lets not get ahead of ourselves!
Last night i got to joes and there was wine on the table and tea was cooking.. he'd made turkey in a sticky sweet and spicy sauce with sweet potato mash, parsnips and carrots in honey and orange marmalade and asparagus (oh hello!) and it was AMAZING. i'll blow his trumpet for him and announce that he's quite a good cook. ;)
I have recieved another letter from MMU so now the blog of my illustration/graphic design work is too suit both courses. This is quite difficult because allthough they can be quite simular... they can also clash and be very diffrent. so i'm going to pick a range and promise myself that it will be done by the weekend so i can stop stressing! 
Above are pictures of myself, i will do some outfit posts soon but as this is completely fucking new too me, i will start by showing my face. (and my only tattoo tommy tophat)
Its nearly time for shameless (hopefully it will get better tonight?) so i'm going to get on it!
inabit x

11 January 2011

River Island

Slightly dissapointed today, went for tea with my dad and then popped in River Island afterwards beause i'd seen some lush things on the website.. I was wrong. i'm quite a tall person and it takes alot to make me look frumpy, but that gorgeous skit turned me into a dumpling! i looked like a fat child at a birthday party. i think because the material is so thick it just gathers on my waist and poofed out massively on my hips. The sheer blouse looks like a regular sized blouse on the website but when i tried it on, it didn't even took into my high waisted jeans.. its really cropped but in an unflaterring way which showed off my belly button and my bra. if it was a little longer then it would be quite nice but it just looked like i cant dress myself. 

Because i have the luxury of doing whatever i like while i work, i often paint my nails, write in my diary, draw and browse through milionz and zillionz of websites that i would never normally go on. i have about 5 bookmarks to 'cute animals' (ye i kno. love um) about 3 competitions websites, cosmopolitan (actually reading the advice forums.. who does that?!) plenty of shopping ones, and my fave.. i can has cheezburger. ahhh.

I bought two hair dyes last night so i can dye my hair to a darker brown and my extentions to the same colour so i might actually wear them, as much as i want longer hair.. i don't feel comfortable with them in.. i always think that everyone must know its not my hair, like i'm holding a giant sign up saying 'i'm wearing a wig'. anywayz, i've got some competitions to enter..
Going to my boyfriends tonight, he's cooking!
peas x

10 January 2011


This is my first actual post.
My name is Jessica Heaton, i'm 19 years old and i'm from Manchester. As i spend alot of my time at a computer at work, i thought i should use it wisely by creating something that i can add too everyday. I did start one last year but it was started at the wrong time and i didn't really know where it was going, but i have been searching through alot of blogs and now i sort of know what i want to get from mine... Hopefully a mixture of my work, fashion (ye rly) make-up, music, photographs, and general whats going onss.. Hopefully i'm not too dry and uninteresting that it becomes UNREADABLE.
At the moment i'm getting my application to university ready as the deadline is under two weeks, i have to get 12 graphic design type images that ive created all into a blog and sent to MMU.. which is really stressful as all my work is quite old and not upto date to my current style. but the picture above is one of the latest things i've made.. taken from a doodle that i drew on my boyfriends whiteboard at christmas. So hopefully it will be enough to show them the work that i like to create...

I'm going out for tea with my dad tonight which will be lovely as i haven't seen him since christmas! and i'm going to have a mingle around the shops because i've been soooo good this month and haven't spend any money on myself so i may just treat myself!

:B  x