21 January 2011

are you raving or behaving?!

FRIDAY IS HERE. it is the best feeling in the world, when you have worked a full week and you know the weekend is yours! tonight when i finish work im gunna dash home, get a shower, have my tea then go get kaylie, drive to jordans flat, have a pre party, go to sankeys, rave, then crash at jordans for an afterparty, wake up and go for a swim in his rooftop pool!
pretty excited, i'm not even fazed that its pete tong playing. it could be some fat naked man with a condom on his head. i just wanna go out and party with kaylie and the lads till the sun comes up!
last night i watched the black swan and i can totally see why it has been awarded (or nominated..) for a berzillion awards. it is fantastic and directed beautifully. i'm not going into detail because i know nothing about films.. but its just good, and you should go and see it.

i need to put some clothes on ebay soon as also of my clothes dont fit me anymore. which is quite upsetting because styles never go back into shops. thats the only thing i hate about topshop! they refresh the stock that quickly, that if you don't get it while you have it in your hand... you'll never get it again! when i used to work on the delivery, i could get first dibs on all the new stock before it went out onto the shopfloor (it was amazing)

p.s I HAD THE WEIRDEST DREAM last night. i always have weird dreams. but this one was about a man that turned into a massive people eating spider and he had loads of legs with with venom coming out of them.. but he had a human face that looked like an old man with a beard. WHAT ON EARTH DOES THAT MEAN.


  1. hahaha i'm sorry but your dream just made me laugh out loud :D must be real scary to dream that tho... :/
    i love the bandeau top with the trousers!
    have fun tonight xoxo

  2. Love your necklace! Have an awesome weekend :D

    Love Ellen xxx

  3. i can't wait to see black swan, it does look good! i like your necklace here too :) xo

  4. Love this outfit & the necklace is really nice x

  5. love this outfit and your lipstick. What colour is it? xo


thank you so much dollies xxx