16 January 2011

shirt: newlook
jeans: topshop

This is definately not the best pictures to ever show an outfit, my camera wasn't cooperating and it didn't focus right, but i did just to show off the new shirt i bought from newlook today. ever though it had a botton missing on the sleeve, i still had too buy it because it was so pretty.. so i 'borrowed' one off another shirt (otohhh spagettiohh) 

i had a lovely weekend, went to lauras house and made friends with her huskie puppy smokie, it took alot of treats! tikka terry made one of his signiture curry's and we enjoyed a natter, wine and a sleezy horror film. smokie also did a little wee on my jeans. ta.
and i went shopping with my boyfriend, got some lush things and popped into see my best friend at work.. who is most definately out on friday night! (helz yeah)
i have finished my blog that MMU have asked for to narrow down the applicants.. so my illustration/graphic design work is officially sent, which is a relieve. it was seriously winding me up because i didn't feel like it was completely ready until it all magically came together today. but! it's sighed sealed delived and out of my hands! 
a week of work lies ahead for me, then friday night pete tong at sankeys! with my friend jordan council dj'ing upstairs in spektrum! going to be an INCREDIBLE night.
muchio love , lovers x

p.s i forgot to mention how horrible gordan ramseys program was before, the bit where they 'de fin' the shark while its still alive got me blubbering. on the plus side... gordans a hunk. wink.


  1. I love how simple yet chic this look is!

  2. I saw that shirt in newlook, and i love it! Definitely going to have to get it, this is a lovely look xo

  3. ahhh! i've got that shirt from new look, and you look far better in it than i ever could, trust me!

    from elle & the fashion folk


  4. Great outfit!! I love the shirt, really cute! & thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    - www.itsanewkate.blogspot.com

  5. :O you go to MMU? So do I !!

    I think the pictures in this post look good! I love those jeans and the shirt is so nice. x

  6. Fab outfit! You look lovely! I really like sheer shirts and high waisted jeans - i'd love to be able to pull this off :) xx

  7. I ADORE that shirt! And it looks really lovely on you too :) x


thank you so much dollies xxx