27 January 2011

a few things i've got my eye on!

1. xen tan dark lotion  2. topshop  3. jimmy choo eau parfum  4. ASOS  5. topshop  6. topshop 7. ASOS 8. topshop

hello! this week has gone FAST! here i am still on tuesday and bloody wednsday flys past. so now it's thursday... wow.
these are a  few things that i am currently in love with, things that i want to buy as soon as i get paid! to be fair.. i do need them.. i'm running out of purfume and fake tan, i lost about 6 of my rings last weekend and it's nearly spring!.. so therefore i have reasons to buy them!

i'm going out for tea tonight with my dad and sister, so i'm going to drive home after work, pick up beckie and an overnight bag and rush up to wigan and meet my dad at the resturant. we've decided too stay over aswell because it's quite rare that we do stay over... and i just thought it would be nice too spend some quality time with him (while watching skins.. haha. like i'd miss it sorry dad.) it does mean getting up SUPER EARLY to get too work the next day... but it's chilled. its friday tommorow!
and then its THE WEEKEND! i'm definately not going out. planning on a few of us at jordans, chilled night with drinks and films. and i'm going to get started on my new poster for my portfolio which is going too drain me! apparently i'm a bit of a bitch when i'm in work mode so as i prepare for my interviews.. evil jess will probebly come out to play. (sorry joe..) i will TRY not to be a 'stress ed'
watched the national tv awards last night, and the bit when they invited the two young girls in the audience to give the award was so irritating. reminded me of the two girls from xfactor.. (the one that punches her best mate in the head) just was a bad choice of audience members to be honest.
hope your having a good day!
p.s i just went out to my car and somebody from another office had put an a4 piece of paper on my window saying "please could you refraid from parking in these spaces marked (AM)"
how about you SHUT UP!


  1. Oh, I bought those topshop shoes yeaterday!! Aso have a very similar pair of shorts from H&M! The ring is lovely.

  2. have a great day with your dad!
    i love those topshop shoes !

  3. love those shorts ! have a nice evening xoxo

  4. those camel shorts and turquoise ring are amazing! want them

    lovely blog hon :)

    im having an Alexander Wang esque studded bag giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out hon xx

  5. The blue ring is really cute!

    Please check out my blog and follow me!

  6. this stuff looks great, I love the peace ring! your chilled out weekend sounds lovely, I have to work this one =(

    Hannah xx

  7. Oooh love the rings! Got my eye on a few turquoise ones myself- honestly, pay day can not come any sooner! But the peace ring is something different might need to check it out aswell.

    P.S Great blog!

  8. haha, no I'm not allowed to get high! But not everyone in The Netherlands does that! But I live in The Hague, not in Amsterdam, in Amsterdam there are way more people doing drugs! haha
    nice blog! I like those rings!

  9. wow great pieces, love the necklace

    The Flower Girl



thank you so much dollies xxx