25 January 2011

a few home truths.

shirt: newlook   jeggings: river island   wedges: newlook   necklace: JUNK

i went shopping last night after work, and you know what.. retail therapy is the best kind of therapy, it makes you feel so much better! i hate those shopping trips where you can't find anything and you end up feeling like an ugly duckling. but yesterday was a successful trip, it felt good to buy clothes! i swapped the gorgeous peach blouse i bought from newlook (which was ripped and a button fell off) for this one with birds all over it.. which to be honest is far nicer and is alot better material, the other blouse felt quite tight and the material was so thin! plus this one is definitely more me!

i also bought these jeggins from river island which are VERY brave for me. i have never been able to wear normal fitting jeans or jeggings because i used to be so skinny that they would hang off my bum and thighs... but now that i'm back to a normal size with a bum and hips.. i can actually buy jeans that fit, and when i tried these on yesterday, i nearly cried with happiness! i've never owed a pair of really light jeans like these either as i normaly hide in dark colours, but i think this outfit just threw me into spring! honestly, feels good to appreciate myself again and to embrace what i have, because i've come to realise that being a bit bigger and having a more curvey frame is alot more attractive than looking like a skeleton. nobody wants to hold a skeleton, and it took love to teach me that. (bleugggghh) ye really.

i also bought some hair things to spuse up my dry hair and some orangey brown trousers from river island which i might wear tommorow...
tonight my friend lauren is coming round, going to cook a curry maybe? i really fancy one! i think curry is my favourite food and my goal this year is too learn how to make a a really tasty spicy one. i can do a pretty decent thai curry but thats not difficult.
peace! xxx
song i'm totally loving at the moment: Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx – I'll Take Care Of U


  1. your blouse and necklace are so cute :) and the wedges are amaze! i love your blog layout btw :D xo

  2. Pictures are really cute! Love the blouse!! :D x


  3. I love curry too! Always chicken korma with pilau rice from the Indian Akbars...mmmm ♥
    You look lovely darling so very pretty aswell!

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  4. I am in love with this shirt, literally can't believe it's New Look. Lovely little blog you have lady!

  5. Hello Chick, Thanks for your comment on my blog, tights are from good old topshop. Just checked out your blog it is fab. Love love love the blouse. Outfit is very lovely xoxo

  6. Absolutely love your blouse sweet! I really like sheer materials at the moment, especially paired with denim. I totally agree that retail therapy is the best kind, only I can't even afford that at the moment ): xx

  7. i love your nose piercing and your style, that shirt looks amaaaazing on you.

    Also, you look amazing, with wonderful curves. I'm so glad you have realised what a wonderful figure you have, it would suck if you ruined that trying to be supper skinny and bony :)


  8. Love the outfit! You are styling! And retail therapy is the best.

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  9. Hey :)
    Thanks for your comment! I love your blog - I'm now following! This blouse is so cute....also, you live in Manchester too which makes me happy!

  10. Thanks for the comment. Your blog is lovely, I am now following. This shirt is beautiful and the outfit really suits you. You have an amazing little figure, you should be very happy!

  11. Love this outfit and the blouse and boots are so cute. Love your blog by the way..just started following!!!


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    Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  12. Love this top doll!




thank you so much dollies xxx