13 January 2011

I expected more from you..

Ahhh, it's Thursday!
Which means it's nearly the weekend! I'm going to go up to wigan on friday and see my friend laura and her new puppy. hopefully smokey will be well behaved so laura doesn't spend the night running around after her incase she wee's! i need a night of girlie gossip and wineeee (lots of wine!)
Shameless last night was a little better but i still don't think you can beat the origonal storylines... i've heard rumours that skins will be starting again soon? exciting!
I've just been looking at the Newlook s/s collection 2011.. see it here. some of the pieces are really nice! but theres a lot of things that that i'm questioning.. who what where when and why?.. Newlook in recent years have got really good with some of their collections, alot better than what i remember newlook being like when i was younger.. as their clothes back then were quite cheaply made and not exactly fashionable! but i've picked the best of the bunch from the s/s 2011 collection and shown it above! (mmm those brown shorts!)
Arrrr! The desk that i sit at in work is really uncomfortable.. i'm far too tall to fit underneath without my legs being all scrunched up! and my screen is really low so i have to sit slouched and sort of crank my neck.. and well its giveing me back ache! i may have too look into getting one of those things that props you up that you fasten to your chair. otherwise i may end up with a hunchback! (not cool) i'm going to say that i'll work on my new poster tonight and dye my hair but i doubt i'll do either as joe's coming round and stir fry and evening tv sounds well more fun.
:)  xx


  1. wow gorgeous outfits<3

    http://inablondeworld.blogspot.com xx

  2. ooo I like the first one...pretty! Makes me want summer to come super quick please.


  3. I loves Skins season one and two but didn't get round to watching three, the promo for the 4th one looks so good though!



  4. i was looking at the look book today and it is beyond amazing x


thank you so much dollies xxx