10 January 2011


This is my first actual post.
My name is Jessica Heaton, i'm 19 years old and i'm from Manchester. As i spend alot of my time at a computer at work, i thought i should use it wisely by creating something that i can add too everyday. I did start one last year but it was started at the wrong time and i didn't really know where it was going, but i have been searching through alot of blogs and now i sort of know what i want to get from mine... Hopefully a mixture of my work, fashion (ye rly) make-up, music, photographs, and general whats going onss.. Hopefully i'm not too dry and uninteresting that it becomes UNREADABLE.
At the moment i'm getting my application to university ready as the deadline is under two weeks, i have to get 12 graphic design type images that ive created all into a blog and sent to MMU.. which is really stressful as all my work is quite old and not upto date to my current style. but the picture above is one of the latest things i've made.. taken from a doodle that i drew on my boyfriends whiteboard at christmas. So hopefully it will be enough to show them the work that i like to create...

I'm going out for tea with my dad tonight which will be lovely as i haven't seen him since christmas! and i'm going to have a mingle around the shops because i've been soooo good this month and haven't spend any money on myself so i may just treat myself!

:B  x

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