17 January 2011

Monday monday!

Hello, it was so nice too see the sun out today. it looks like summer outside before. from my desk window i look out on the canal  and there was loads of runners jogging past (or joggers running past?) sounds better than runners running anywayz. and well! it made me want too join them.
i have had an interview letter come through for liverpool which is in feb, which is quite spooky as i did book that day off from work last week.. but it does clash with my plans so i'm going to have to encorporate this into my weekend away! roaddddd trip?

Me and joe are trying to sort out valentines day, but as he's busy on the actual weekend we've decided to go for the weekend after... and i'd love to go too a spa...or a nice hotel in the middle of nowhere. a shabby bed and breakfast would actually be fine with me, as time spent with just joe doesn't come often, theres always other people hovering. so a nice chilled weekend away from everyone will be so nice.

watch jessie j's video. its absolutely rediculous how incredible she is. that girl has got SWAGGA. (ye really) shes pretty fucking cool. i think shes gunna be everywhere this year.
i'm just listening to pete tongs show that was on radio 1 on friday... getting me seriously excited for friday night, not been out in ages and i'm looking forward to good old stomp with some special people! will definately be taking some pictures to show how imense the night is.
AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL @ 10. it's the change of hairstylesnight!

much love x


thank you so much dollies xxx