19 January 2011


i feel very boring at the moment and i haven't bought any new clothes in what feels like forever (which is a lie because i bought two tops last week) but i just feel like there is so many things i want and i just can't have because i'm supposed to be saving my money!
i have an endless list of make-up i want to buy and another endless list of clothes, accessories and shoes. and then i have to buy things to get my portfolio ready! and electrical things for my computer! so instead of saving money.. i've just worked up a massive lsit that will all have to be bought next month... never very clever to be honest.
i just look at my waredrobe and i can't find anything! i'm just pieceing together the same old outfits. i need a massive clear up actually. my underwear doesn't fit in my drawers anymore.. its all hanging out like a mass escape.
plus. i haven't been out on a proper mad night out since november! and i can NOT wait till friday, i keep banging on about it.. but seriously.. hurry up friday. (takin de pizz)
i'm going to make a promise that i will do a outfit post next week. a proper one with clear shots and things i can talk about. i will get my tripod out and everything. pretty excited.

at this moment, i'm sat in work nurseing a tummy ache in my massive grey cardigan, a snood, and uggs. i'm pretty glad that in this job you can literally wear ANYTHING so it's days like this that i use this rule to its advantages and look like i just got out of bed. huzzar.
p.s i still LOVE Jessie J (picturd.)


  1. oh wow! I love!!!! that headdress :)

    The Flower Girl


  2. super cute blog lady!



thank you so much dollies xxx