28 February 2011

left my phone in the taxi!

feels like i havn't updated in ages! the weekend absolutely flew by, i went to sankeys on saturday night and had the best night ever! somebody dropped a bit of warren g in the mix and everyone went MENTALLLL, after some stomping and some absolutely FREEZING cig breaks, we got in a taxi that was waiting outside the club and when i got home i looked in my bag.. and my phone was gone! gutted. left it in the taxi. i frantically phoned the 'manchester cars' number and they said because it wasn't booked in, they can't do shit about it. so a note to anybody DO NOT GET IN A WHITE CAB THAT SAYS 'MANCHESTER CARS' ON THE SIDE, OUTSIDE SANKEYS. because they are illegally waiting outside the club and are theifing bastards.
so i have to go through the annoying process of claiming for a new one, having that assessed, sent back to me, signed, cleared, blahblhablhadfsdfosehfke, so i should have a new blackberry back in about 2 weeks i hope. I HOPE. i'm not even arsed about the phone, i'm annoyed that i've lost the photos of that night coz there was some really good ones!
bummer :'(
i went to see my friend barney aka faust dj at hit n run tonight! had a pretty funny night, i don't really get drum n bass and don't really like it... but i promised him i'd go and i made a new friend kat while i was there which was lovely! must admit tho.. the crowd was a little odd.. i didn't really understand what the skanking was and how to do it.. i don't know! i'm just not converted.. i am an electro housey trancey fiend, i like my music happy and full of energy. this was very angry and not very friendly!
i'm so tired so i'm going to bed now.
p.s can you spot max branning from eastenders?

25 February 2011

wish list!

shorts and wedges - newlook
skirt, crop jumper, dress, blazer and flower head band - river island
mac powder , henry holland tights and chanel pro lumiere

ahhhhhh there are so many things that i want! i always feel like i have nothing! when actually i have ALOT of clothes, but i always want more! this pay check i'm going to try my best to not buy clothes but to treat myself to some new make-up and accessories instead.. maybe i could buy the dress though.. ;) BUT i have 5 birthdays coming up in april so i have to be looking out for things to buy other people.. and one of those people is my boyfriend who i LOVE to buy presents for (probs coz i'm so good at it.. ahahaa) i've alos got alot of parties to look forward to and a spa weekend in april! oooh treats!

i'm beginning to panic about how my interview went at liverpool, on the day i think it went fine with only a few hiccups... but now the more i think about it, the more i worry about how it went. i was quite nervous and left my form in the car and had to run back out and get it, and i didn't answer the questions i was asked very well...
i really really want to get in! the place is AMAZING... and i can see myself settleing in so well. i hate waiting! i wnt to know if i'm in or our out so i can get my head out of my bum and stop worrying! ahhhhhhhh!
anyway, skins tonight and my boyfriends cooking my tea :)
p.s read this post that steph wrote, and it's so true what she says, i blog whatever makes me happy and i love having my blog to have a moan on or to show off some new shoes! enjoy having a blog and say what you like! ahahaha
pp.s despite everything i just said.. I NEED THAT SKIRT.

23 February 2011

sideshow bob

panda jumper (shrunk in wash) - topshop jeans - hollister - moccasins - peacocks

urggggggggggggg! i'm absolutely nursing a 'tummy ache' today, so i have with me at work now & heat magazine's, a freddo, a hot choclate and some rich tea biccys... also my snuggliest cardigan and ugg boots. today is definitely a i cba with anybody day.  
my hair is also a perm because i left all my hair products at my boyfriends after liverpool.. so i had no chice but to let it do what it wants to do, i look like sideshow bob when its down. not cool. 
i'm seeing my dad tonight and going for tea sooo.. i think i'll go for some comfort foods.. mmm hello huge bowl of salty ramen noodles, i want you. i also have another interview scheduled in march! 1 down, 2 to go! c'monnnn!
wish me luck!
i've defo stripped back all the layers.. gone for a very comfy and basic look today :)
hope you have a nicer wednesday than me!

As i didn't get to do my biggest tunes on monday! heres some current songs i'm lurrrvin:

Tonite Only – We Run The Nite - there defo needs to be a LONGER version of the original! 
Zimms - My Feelings (Original Mix) - wow literally on my feel boogie away to this right now!
Hercules and Love Affiar - My House (Tensnake Remix) - this makes me feel like ibiza is round the corner! 
Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (Adrien Mezsi Reboot) - been trying for weeks to get hold of this but Arien Mezsiis putting it up for download for free as of march 1st! amazing!
Danny Dove & Ben Preston ft. Susie LedgeFalling - such a good bouncy deep tune.. got a right bass in it!

p.s extra special mention to the people behind beatmyday DON'T KNOW WHERE MY HEAD WOULD BE WITHOUT THEIR AMAZING CHOICES. (probabley up my bum) love love love love love!

22 February 2011

a whole new world?

shirt - newlook  leather jacket - H&M  necklace - topman  leggings - topshop  black wedges - varanni

i have had a LOVELY weekend, i went to liverpool on sunday as me and joe booked in a hotel on the dock. the weather was absolutely freezing.. and i was really excited to go to liverpool one but when we got in there to my shock horror the shopping centre had NO ROOF. i moaned my way around it until it was no longer bareable so we went back to the hotel and snuggled up in bed, with a little cup of tea and some daytime tele.
then we got ready and went out for a meal at yee rah which is above liverpool one which was REALLY TASTY, i would definitely recommend.
got a little bit giddy on wine back at the hotel and played the malteaser game.. they don't mention in the adverts that the chocolate is gunna melt do they? got it everwhere. cheers.

had my university interview on monday! which was the whole point in going to liverpool, i'd say it went alright.. i have no idea if it's a yes or a no which puts me in that horrible waiting position. i have to say though.. i was totally BLOWN AWAY by the studios, facilities, layout and space that Liverpool John Moore's University had to offer. so if i do get accepted then i am faced with a very difficult decision of whether to move into the city and back into halls. which would mean giving up my car and going back to public transport, not seeing my friends and family as much, and settleing into a whole new world.. a little bit scary!

i went in urban outfitters in liverpool, and absolutely fell in love with the first pair, if i had a spare £85 then i would of bought them straight away! but as i've just bought my new black ones.. i really don't need another pair of wedges.. do i? the other 3 are perfect for summer!

shoes - all urban outfitters!

hope you all had a lovely weekend! and if anyone has moved away from home to go to uni, please let me know how it went for you!

18 February 2011

the weekend is here people!

 vest - H&M  belt - Topshop  skirt - Newlook  hoodie - american apparel  necklace - topshop

most definitely have the friday fever today and i'm not in the mood to be working! i'm just slumped in my chair like a defeated cabbage.. GAHHHHHHHH
i know that as soon as i leave the building i will be fine.. it's just being in this warm office drinking loads of cups of tea is making me sleepy... ;(

i've put a picture up of what i wore yesterday because i don't like anything about myself today! i feel very 'nice' looking.. and i hate looking like this! do you know what i mean? i like looking like i've just rolled out of bed and a bit shabby.. today i'm like a freshly ironed shirt.. with my hair all nice and neat and pretty. yukk...
this is why i always put a hoodie on or converse so i don't feel like i'm trying to hard and look more casual.. i don't know why i just have such a big issue wih it!
maybe it's coz i don't dress up 'to go out' anymore, i go out to sankeys most of the time and heels there is a no go, i always go out in a crop top, leggings and a hoodie.. maybe it's coz i'm in a long term relationship that i just dislike looking 'nice' when i'm not with him.. westtttttt.
any north west girls planning on attending this? Lauren's Bloggers meet up
i'm thinking of going up to sheff for it, so let me know if anyone close by fancys coming with me!

p.s this is my favourite EVER illustrator/crazy/designer/ ian stevenson (i often send him creepy emails complimenting his madness and how i want to get inside his brain and see just what the fuck is goin on in there.. i want some of that shit) CHECK HIM OUT!

17 February 2011



i'm ready to face the gym again! i've had the winter off because i couldn't be bothered going out in the cold into a cold air conditioned gym to work out.. i've had break from it, being in the warmth appreciating food and being a bit of a well deserved slob. for a very long time i've had issues with my weight and now that i'm 'back to normal' it's great to eat treats and not feel guilty about it!
but now that were heading into spring, and it's staying lighter earlier and not as cold... i want get a bit healthier and up my fitness! as of tomorrow i'm going to encorporate a bit more fruit into my diet and keep the 'weekends as treatends' so i don't eat as much junk food!
i'm finally happy with the way my body looks, but i would just like to tone my legs bum and tum, ready for crop tops and shorts weather, and i'd like to be a bit fitter so i can keep up with my boyfriend (as he's become very buff these days) mmm!

it'd friday tommorow, definitely can't wait... 3 day weekend! i'm going to liverpool on sunday with my boyfriend and we're going round the shops, having a nice meal and going out for drinks then staying over in a hotel, ready for my interview in the morning at liverpool john moores!
nervvvous! ahhh wish me look!
p.s one to follow lisa because she's such a darling!

in a rushhh!

snood - topshop  leather gillet - h&m  shorts (hardy see) river island  rings - topshop/topman

i'm in such a good mood, went out for tea on tuesday night with my boyfriend to TGI Fridays.. had a big fat steak in that gorgeous jack daniels sauce they do! mmmmmm. it was SO NICE to see him, and his card made me cry.. as if.. words on a piece of  card made tears come from my eyes.. west. was defiintely what i needed tho.. a massive cuddle and some quality time with him.
i was really naughty tho! and went to newlook and bought a black maxi skirt and another sheer shirt.. i totally said i wasn't spending anymore money on clothes.. but if i hadn't of bought them then and there i would of never seen them again! which happens alot these days.. so on this occasion it's ok.. :B
watched some weird program the other night about nuns... did anyone else see that?! they are literally behind bars, and they don't leave the grounds... imagine.. not being able to go to the cinema, or shopping, or to the beach? or to get in your car and drive to the shop?!?! i could not live that sort of life.. it's not even thinkable..
its a beautiful day, i'm soaking in the sunshine through my window at work feeling VERY JELOUS. i wish all these happy people with their dogs would go away.. look at you all in your sunglasses and three quarter length pants! you should all be ashamed of yourselfs!

have a nice day you lucky people who are off for half term. i hate you all!

13 February 2011

hair down! urrrg!

vest - topshop  pink frilly bralet thing - topshop jeans - topshop  dolly shoes - topshop  
headband - peacocks -  rings - topshop/h&m 

i've had a supperrrrrr chilled weekend, got all my work done ready for university applications and interviews. i have 100% destressed whatever stress was in my body! and i think the cure was alot of wine and choclates with lyn last night and toasted tea cakes with my dad at breakfast! i stayed at his last night and had a very lovely relaxing time. i got my car washed and all my meals cooked for me, never lifted a finger! felt like a princess :)
very much looking forward to valentines day tommorow, i'm spending the evening with my lozzy and were going for a combination of food/cinema/shopping. i really want to see that gnomeo and juliet, looks really fun right? i hope you's all have a good day and spend it doing something special!
mmm....i made a giant portion of curry for my tea before! it's so giant i have 4 portions for the rest of the week at work.. amazing. curry is the best food in the whole world.. the spicyier the better and it's all for ME!
p.s i havn't been rejecting my blog! i've just been doing alllll my other stuff! so i will get back to everybody tommorow :)
pp.s i am loving my new banner.. yes this is going to stay! and click here to see the blog i've made for Salford Uni... will it do? i have 3 days to improve it!

11 February 2011

pick me some strawbs!

blouse - topshop  cardigan - H&M  jeans - hollister  bag - primark  necklace - topshop

i've been sat looking through tumblrs alllllllll day. funny how much time you can spending just scrolling through pages and pages of pictures. feeling super inspired right now. ahahaa.. i know nothing at all about australia apart from it's hot at christmas and they all surf, but how cool and beautiful is everyone? 
i'm slightly jelous that a reallll close mate of mine moved out there last year.. i'd kill to be able to wear shorts and crop tops everyday in the sunshine. i'd love to go out there.. but i know one day i will, england isn't great is it?
i so can't wait to travel... i want to do it with my boyfriend, because i know i'd get the most out of it and i'd really enjoy doing it with him. everyone else i think about travelling with just doesnt feel right.. there seems to be a nice balance between us.. never had it with anyone.. chilled.
i'm just feeling a bit wtf at the moment! i'm sat at my desk talking to people about house insurance.. i'm 19 for god sake, sometimes i feel so sad that this is what i am doing until plan b. BUT, you just gotta get on with it! for now it's alright, but i want an adventure.. i want to feel carefree again instead of being careful.
i feel like a strawberry picker today.. like i should have on a little hat and a basket.. i can't wait for it to get warmer, like i've said before.. i'm sick of wrapping up in layers and big bulky clothes.. i want to be freeeeeee.
love love love xxxxxxx

10 February 2011

nissan niall! you loser!

 blazer - topshop  snood - topshop  stripey vest - H&M trousers - riverisland  belt - zara hat - river island


...i don't have a clue whats going on with my hair at the moment, i keep falling out with it.. and then keeping it in a certain style for ages.. then getting bored of it.. it just gets on my nerves! i want really long lovely hair that i can wear down that looks really casual and messy. why did i have to go and shave my head 2 years ago! i have worn it up all week so i'm hoping when i next have it down it looks a little longer!
i went out last night with a few friends for food and drinks and it was such a fun night, had an absolute scream.. been ages since i laughed like that! but i completely dug myself a giant hole by insulted my mates new neice.. he said ' look at my brothers new baby!' and i said.. ' awrh how cute! he looks like he has a little beard!'....'it's a girl jess'
...you know when you sort of get that feeling of complete horror in your stomach.. and no matter what you say to make the situation better it doesn't get rid of what you have just said.. well that was me. it didn't help that paul was laughing his head off which made me laugh... i just insulted your family and laughed in your face.. winner.

i'm looking forward to a chilled weekend... i'm planning on absolutely blitzing my room so it's completely organised. i have a bag of christmas presents in there. whats that about? and i have never ever been able to put things away properly.. everythings a half arse attempt, because i just find it easier to hide things rather than put them away correctly and neatly. i'm going to work on my friends logo i said i'd design and get my second blog done and send it to salford uni.. and if i get round to it... i'm goign to re design this blog because i am not happy with the feel of it. it needs to be more classy looking with less of the cats jumping around on their tails. ahaha..
much love chickens

p.s i'm totally loving SheShotta & sleepingtigers
pp.s i left my car lights on and flattened my battery after work today. was gutted.. had to get someone from the office to jump it.

08 February 2011


jeans - river island  tops - topshop  belt - topshop cardigan - primark  headband - peacocks  necklace - topman

i have booked the afternoon off work and feel SO EXCITED about it.. i'm going into my old uni to do all my my printing for my portfolio! i'm going for lunch with my friend and catching up with everyone at uni who i've lost touch with! how lovely :) so.. come on 1 o clock! heres my outfit for the day.. i feel very springy and awake today! after spending the whole of winter in dull muted shades.. it's nice to wear something with a bit of colour and energy! actually i'm in a really happy mood.. considering i was at work 45 minutes early so i went to tesco and walked around for half an hour... eyeing up fresh muffins and cakes.. but in the end i bought grapes. borrrring

this top is REALLY old.. and i remember wearing it out one night and somebody was asking about yoko-ono and john lennon on my top and i replied.. who are they? i thought these were just two blokes ye. i no. i had a sneaky feeling that it was john lennon but i defo didn't think that was a woman! haha... bloody el. embarresssinggggg

last night i went to trafford centre and bought a new ring, some pink pumps, a white baggy t-shirt and a pack of 4 socks! i also went to see my bestie at work <3 and enjoyed a burrito with my dad and sister!

07 February 2011

Music Monday!

hat - H&M  blouse - topshop  tights - primark  bag- topshop  brouges - primark  necklace - topman

hello! monday morning.. definitely NOT ABOUT IT, i didn't do much over the weekend so it's just sort of flown by.. i did wake up today tho feeling suprisingly refreshed! i actually feel awake for the first time in weeks! this is my outfit for today, i was going to wear my dark lipstick with it but after the 'vixen' comments i recieved last time at work.. i decided i'll just put it on later when i go out for tea with my dad..
i tryed my xen-tan this weekend, and i must say.. it is so so so so good, it smells amazing, goes on really smooth and blends well, and it's not sticky ATALL! i was full dressed 20 minutes after doing it! ... definitely the best fake tan product i've ever used! i would highly recommend!

i thought i'd be cocky and snuggle right in next too these two cars in the carpark, well. NIGHT MARE. i ended up diagonal like literally diagonal to the point where i couldnt get out of my car and everytime i tryed to reverse i just got even more in a pickle.. and i couldn't exactly leave it there because it would of been even more embaressing. so i sat with my head on the steering wheel for a minute, composed myself.. then tryed again.. about ten minutes later i managed to squeeze my little car out, straighten up.. and eventually park. THANK GOD nobody from my office saw this!

Some songs i'm listening too at the moment
Kris Menace - Phoenix (Original Mix) amazinggg minimal tune it just keeps giving!
Olav Basoski - New Day  just gotta bop your head to this one.
Black Rose - Anthem short and sweet little tune
Oscar G & Ralph Falcon - Dark Beat (Murk Monster Mix) takes a while to get going but then its just so good
Noah and the Whale - L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N (Fake Blood Remix) annie mac said this was incredible.. it's growing on me..

Shy FX & UK Apache - Original Nuttah ahhh this just takes me back to the days before uni.. when i was well into my dirty jungley beats

have a good day lovelies

05 February 2011

wigwam wigwam

Crop tops - H&M  hareems- topshop  belt - topshop  necklace- topman  rings - topshop/topman braclet - topman

i went on a wigan shopping spree today and bought some lovely things, heres the two vests i got from H&M, i couldnt decide which i liked better so i bought both.. ahaha... i also looked everywhere for some suede moccasins in my size and couldn't find any! then just as i was giving up i poped in peacocks and found some for £3! in the sale (the ones on my bed) i was well pleased! it was like fate.. i've had a bargain day! went in this AMAZING shop in wigan which sells make-up, hair products, purfumes.. everything you could imagine.. but for like half the price.. and you pretty much get mobbed by girls in pink t-shirts shouting "can i help you love? can i help you?" obv coz they get so many shoplifters.. everyone has to be watched!
even though it has rained ALL DAY i feel in a very summery mood! i think shopping makes me the happiest.. ahaha.. spending money. 
i went to lauras last night! we drank wine and watched friday night tv and ate crisps and chocolate till we were sick... laura woke me up at half 8 asking me if i wanted some breakfast.. i was like.. i haven't even opened my eyes... or moved from my sleeping position.. i think breakfast can WAIT a minute!
nothing amazing to say.. hope you all enjoy your weekend!
p.s i bought the ring! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LVOE

03 February 2011

cosy day

 vest - topshop  snood - topshop  cardigan - berska  high waisted jeans - topshop nails - barry m - 307

quite a boring outfit today, just casual wear! i love love love this cardigan though, i bought it in november when i was in amsterdam and it was perfect because amsterdam was so cold!
these jeans are my second favorite jeans ever because they never fail me.. they go with pretty much anything.
last night i went to jord and kaines apartment in the centre of town and me kaylie and them two went upstairs and had a nice chill in the jacuzzi which looks over the entire of manchester (ye.. i no. swish or whaaaat) then we went in the steam room and sauna and it was really funny because the light wasn't on in the sauna.. so we was just sat in complete darkness laughing. SEEDY! then we had a chinese takeaway from blue ginger and it was sexy. their food is amazing.
they are hosting a house warming party this weekend and the theme is 'zoo party ibiza' so the dress code is: animals. i have a bear mask and i'll just wear a brown t-shirt.. definately minimal effort there! my friend was thinking of spraying her hair like a zebra! pretty sick.. but loadddds of effort.
defo need to actually do some design work tonight, i've started a poster ready for my portfolio but i've no where near finished it.. i'm thinking biscuits and bears.. mmmm.. when it's done i will post it for feedback!
much love chickens
p.s mmm hi there