03 February 2011

cosy day

 vest - topshop  snood - topshop  cardigan - berska  high waisted jeans - topshop nails - barry m - 307

quite a boring outfit today, just casual wear! i love love love this cardigan though, i bought it in november when i was in amsterdam and it was perfect because amsterdam was so cold!
these jeans are my second favorite jeans ever because they never fail me.. they go with pretty much anything.
last night i went to jord and kaines apartment in the centre of town and me kaylie and them two went upstairs and had a nice chill in the jacuzzi which looks over the entire of manchester (ye.. i no. swish or whaaaat) then we went in the steam room and sauna and it was really funny because the light wasn't on in the sauna.. so we was just sat in complete darkness laughing. SEEDY! then we had a chinese takeaway from blue ginger and it was sexy. their food is amazing.
they are hosting a house warming party this weekend and the theme is 'zoo party ibiza' so the dress code is: animals. i have a bear mask and i'll just wear a brown t-shirt.. definately minimal effort there! my friend was thinking of spraying her hair like a zebra! pretty sick.. but loadddds of effort.
defo need to actually do some design work tonight, i've started a poster ready for my portfolio but i've no where near finished it.. i'm thinking biscuits and bears.. mmmm.. when it's done i will post it for feedback!
much love chickens
p.s mmm hi there


  1. that outfit looks so comfy I love the yellow nails!

  2. Your nails look fab! I'm always a little scared of yellow but they look gorgeous :) xo

  3. your cardigan is really nice and so are your nails ! i love yellow nail polish :)
    be sure to post your bear outfit ! hehe xo

  4. Love the nail varnish, so summery!
    I was in Amsterdam in November too - it was flipping freezing.

  5. I love your outfit, especially the varnish. It reminds me of the China Glaze Lemon Fizz.

    What colour are your walls? Is it a lavendar or a darker purple? I can't tell too well.

  6. Ta for your comment!
    - Haha I was on an art trip.. And yeah there was a bit of that too ;)

  7. lovely outfit! You look beautiful! That cardigan is simply gorgeous! I love your nail colour! Xx

  8. aghhhh love the cardi, i want it! i totally had that snood once, i left it at work and some bugger STOLE IT. i was furious! xo

  9. Awww thank you for your kind blog comment :)
    I love the nail varnish, its gorgeous! Really stands out!

  10. simple but i love it, seriously want some high waisted jeans now & the colour of your nails looks amazeee with that cardi! lucky you getting to chill in jacuzzi's and sauna's and whatnot, talk about life of luxury haha xxx

  11. love the polish color!

    love from los angeles,


  12. your cardigan is super cute and so is your scarf! :) great outfit.

  13. love your topshop snood & cardi! you look great! and yes they are called fish tail plaits :)

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  14. i have been looking around for so long how to combine yellow nailpolish....love the way u did! :)



thank you so much dollies xxx