01 February 2011

bows, bows, bows!

 jumper-river island  jeans-hollister  belt-topshop  brouges-newlook  necklace-topshop + molly who snuck in the shot!

i've come too the conclusion that I NEED NEW SHOES. i always wear my brouges and they are so old and battered and have been re polished 3 times! i need some other form of flat shoes, maybe some nice girlie ones ready for spring and i want some moccasins. klee posted some on her blog which look quite nice for primark! and as i'm in 'save' mode.. i have no intentions of splashing out..
i don't like how i look like i'm BALDING on my last picture.. i do apologise.. the flash has obviously created bald spots in my head that i've only just noticed. haha. 
i love this jumper! it's made out of really cosy wool and it's so snuggly! i wear it more of a comfort thing rather than a fashion thing.. and these jeans are the BEST jeans i have ever worn. my boyfriend bought them for me not this christmas but the one before and they just don't loose their shape or colour no matter how many times you wash them. they fit perfectly and the denim is really soft!
i've been so tired all the time recently! is it the time of year or what? because everyone i speak too is tired aswell.. like in the mornings i wake up feeling really groggy and i look like a little mole... and i can't seem to wake up like i normally can and i want to stay in bed alot more than usual.
how odd!
p.s i dropped my toothbrush in the toilet this morning which was NOT COOL. i had too scoop it out and bin it.
pp.s i wish i was as hot as rihanna right here


  1. I love your bow sweater bows are on the top of my list :)

  2. Love the cute outfit, and it does NOT look like your baulding, you look gorgeous, I really like your style so I've joined your followers xxxx

  3. your so cute. actually love your piercing and hair!! x

  4. Love that jumper, looks well snuggly:D
    Did your nose piercing hurt when you got it done? :)

  5. i have these tiredness issues, i dont think i can fully open my eyes for like an hour after waking up, i think its the groggyness of january :(
    love this jumper and your jeans, im not a jeans person at all but these look like they fit so nicely xx

  6. hahah, i only just saw the 'ps.' when you put 'i had to scoop it out' I thought you were gonna say you carried on using it for a second haha!
    I do fine art at uni, are you at college or uni? :)
    I really like the music links you put on a previous post :D i think you'd be a pretty awesome dj- but I get what you mean about wanting to enjoy it instead :D

  7. bows always make things better.


    hope you drop by and say hello!

  8. love your jeans and omg kitty! adorable! that's hilarious about the toothbrush, i've dropped clothes in the loo but never gone that far haha, i think everyone's feeling pretty tired/down at the moment :/ chin up haha

  9. i honestly don't know why i just bought one. i'm such a fucking muppet aha! do you live in manc? come with me! i'm half joking, half not.. :)

    good one with the toothbrush ;)

  10. Super cute!

  11. Thanks for your comment :)
    I love comfy knitwear so much, and this is adorable! And the brogues look good from here.
    Following now,

    Rosie x

  12. Firstly, its called 'Winter Blues' and trust me, its still happening to a lot of people :)
    Secondly, sad times on the tooth brush! I can admit i've done the same thing! :/
    And thirdly, did you nose piercing hurt?
    Want it done!
    www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  13. Yes i suppose that would be painful!
    Well im the same age as you, but interested to know what your parents said when you had it done?
    Any way to hide it, or take it out? :/
    Have a feeling my rents will be funny even though im at uni! www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  14. i wish i had time to watch a bit of jezza but no.. im volunteering 25 hours a week as an assistant swim teacher and then working my paid job for another 2 shifts a week. obvii i need to sort my priorities out ;D
    what did you do at uni/want to do this time round? i think im off to newcastle in sept - can't wait to move out!

  15. Your sweater is darling!



  16. looove that jumper, especially with the oxfords :)
    p.s. your cat is so cute!

    Mollie from we-are-the-crowd.com

  17. Love your jumper, looks super cosy! And I'm pretty much tired all the time too, can't wait til Spring! x
    PS: my top was from H n M in Berlin but I think I've seen it here. I've only had it about 10 days :)

  18. I have that jumper and I'm wearing it right now lol!!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  19. Hey chica! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog<3 I love your style as well and you are super pretty!

    Love Freya

  20. Cute outfit, love your jumper. That's so sweet that your cat popped into the photo haha. I've been sleeping in way too much recently too, no idea why I'm so tired all the time xx

  21. Hey! Thank you for your comment that means a lot to me ! And I will let my blog GRROOOWW for sure ! I'm just getting so inspired by other blogs that it just makes me want to blog even more !
    Your blog is so nice! I actually LOVE the pink sweater with the bows and the yellow nailpolish in the first post! AMAZING!
    Lots of love, Ali.


thank you so much dollies xxx