25 February 2011

wish list!

shorts and wedges - newlook
skirt, crop jumper, dress, blazer and flower head band - river island
mac powder , henry holland tights and chanel pro lumiere

ahhhhhh there are so many things that i want! i always feel like i have nothing! when actually i have ALOT of clothes, but i always want more! this pay check i'm going to try my best to not buy clothes but to treat myself to some new make-up and accessories instead.. maybe i could buy the dress though.. ;) BUT i have 5 birthdays coming up in april so i have to be looking out for things to buy other people.. and one of those people is my boyfriend who i LOVE to buy presents for (probs coz i'm so good at it.. ahahaa) i've alos got alot of parties to look forward to and a spa weekend in april! oooh treats!

i'm beginning to panic about how my interview went at liverpool, on the day i think it went fine with only a few hiccups... but now the more i think about it, the more i worry about how it went. i was quite nervous and left my form in the car and had to run back out and get it, and i didn't answer the questions i was asked very well...
i really really want to get in! the place is AMAZING... and i can see myself settleing in so well. i hate waiting! i wnt to know if i'm in or our out so i can get my head out of my bum and stop worrying! ahhhhhhhh!
anyway, skins tonight and my boyfriends cooking my tea :)
p.s read this post that steph wrote, and it's so true what she says, i blog whatever makes me happy and i love having my blog to have a moan on or to show off some new shoes! enjoy having a blog and say what you like! ahahaha
pp.s despite everything i just said.. I NEED THAT SKIRT.


  1. love your style! (:
    i love that maxi skirt, but im far too short to pull that off!
    don't worry about your interview, im sure it went well! try keep your mind off it ^^
    Krissy xoxo

  2. How much is that skirt jess?!?!?! I neeeeeeeeed this one, from zara!


    But it's £60! :( That one looks equally as nice though?! Im gonna raid RI online shop! And what did you get interviewed for? :)

    Shope, xxxxxxx

  3. I hate that feeling too! My mum's always telling me I have too many clothes but I still feel I have nothing to wear! :P Love that blazer!

    Love Ellen

  4. I love that dress :D
    I've got my fingers crossed for you :) I hope you get in :D I'm sure you did well, it's always nerve wracking though waiting. Did they give you a date that you would know by? :)
    ooh, spa weekend sounds well good :D

  5. love everything on here!! you have lovely taste,

    i have such a cute floral headband the same as this but with lilac flowers on, my sister brought me it back from leeds fest, it's adorable

    Also, i'd defo suggest not getting the HOH tights!, i was debating whether they were too expensive for a while, then finally bought them for £12, first night i wore them i laddered them and they were completely ruined! Pretty polly make some which are pretty much identical, but they're not house of holland, they're about half the price too! hope this is helpful to you, wish i'd never wasted my money on them now!

    p.s thanks for the lovely comment!xxxxx

  6. Ooh super gorgeous pieces! They are so cute.
    And really great blog btw! :-)


  7. aw just looked at my stats & saw the little mention- thank you so much, and thanks for your feedback, great to know what every one thinks :)
    I adore that skirt, and the suspender tights are just a must in your like I think

  8. Thank you for the comment! :) ahh, Good luck! :D Keep checking those emails!
    What is your tattoo of? :) I love hearing about peoples tattoos and the reasons behind them :D and about the compass tattoo, EXACTLY! thats what I mean, you wouldn't have it facing the wrong way :s

    your comment about the villa actually made me LOL, I had to show my friend it she was cracking up.

    Jess. I dont actually believe you live in Manchester sorry but no and if you do - you must live in the village section.

    I have an INFLATABLE POOL jamming in my garden lmaoooooo! And you compare it to a villa in spain, haaaaaaaaaaaaa funniest thing ever mate

    Oh there we go again with the 'tea' my bf is cooking me 'tea'
    loool sooo posh - I just say food or munch loooooool
    *american accent* your like soooooooooooo west

    loving this new word man, any more looool xxx

  10. suspender tights are so cool!
    i'm sure your interview went well :) fingers crossed for you!xxx


  11. I really need a maxi/midi skirt! That one is so perfect, I absoloutly love the colour of it x

  12. Yay, haha :) I wish I had Topshop here in the US! They have a lot of pretty clothing. Aww, I hate it when things get shrunken in the wash!

  13. Try not to worry about your interview! You can't really do much about it love so just sit tight :) I hear you on the wishlist front, SO many things I want at the moment! jazzy ♥

  14. I love that maxi skirt! its amazing. all those items are lovely! XX

  15. Most of the time i wish i will find a wallet full of money for me to spend haha. Your wishlist is great.

  16. That skirt is lush, as are most of the items in your wishlist!
    Hope you hear soon about your interview, they can be so nerve wracking!! xx

  17. Great wishlist <3
    I need those shorts!xx


  18. i cant live without chanel's pro lumiere! love those floral shorts. xo

    check out my GIVEAWAY a la sparkle!


thank you so much dollies xxx