10 February 2011

nissan niall! you loser!

 blazer - topshop  snood - topshop  stripey vest - H&M trousers - riverisland  belt - zara hat - river island


...i don't have a clue whats going on with my hair at the moment, i keep falling out with it.. and then keeping it in a certain style for ages.. then getting bored of it.. it just gets on my nerves! i want really long lovely hair that i can wear down that looks really casual and messy. why did i have to go and shave my head 2 years ago! i have worn it up all week so i'm hoping when i next have it down it looks a little longer!
i went out last night with a few friends for food and drinks and it was such a fun night, had an absolute scream.. been ages since i laughed like that! but i completely dug myself a giant hole by insulted my mates new neice.. he said ' look at my brothers new baby!' and i said.. ' awrh how cute! he looks like he has a little beard!'....'it's a girl jess'
...you know when you sort of get that feeling of complete horror in your stomach.. and no matter what you say to make the situation better it doesn't get rid of what you have just said.. well that was me. it didn't help that paul was laughing his head off which made me laugh... i just insulted your family and laughed in your face.. winner.

i'm looking forward to a chilled weekend... i'm planning on absolutely blitzing my room so it's completely organised. i have a bag of christmas presents in there. whats that about? and i have never ever been able to put things away properly.. everythings a half arse attempt, because i just find it easier to hide things rather than put them away correctly and neatly. i'm going to work on my friends logo i said i'd design and get my second blog done and send it to salford uni.. and if i get round to it... i'm goign to re design this blog because i am not happy with the feel of it. it needs to be more classy looking with less of the cats jumping around on their tails. ahaha..
much love chickens

p.s i'm totally loving SheShotta & sleepingtigers
pp.s i left my car lights on and flattened my battery after work today. was gutted.. had to get someone from the office to jump it.


  1. I have a Topshop blazer like yours :)
    I'm loving the colours!

  2. I love this look! Those trousers look gorgeous on you and that hat is way to adorable! I know what you mean with your hair, I'd like to have long messy hair as well, but it doesn't want to be longer! You look beautiful! Xx

  3. ahhh those trousers look excellent on you! i can never find any that look right on me :( xo


  4. love your outfit, gutted about your car :/ at least someone sorted it out for you though!

  5. love the whole outfit and that hat is AWESOME ! good luck on organizing your room, i can never find the courage to get started.. my room is a dump :/

    oh and i actually like the bouncing cats :D xo

  6. perfect trousers, love the breton stripes xx

  7. Your hat is so cute! Good luck on reorganizing your room! I always tell myself to keep a weekend open to rearrange my room but always end up being too lazy haha

  8. I'm not normally a fan of nose piercings, but you pull it off so well. Love all your outfits, you've got a lovely style, so I'm following.




thank you so much dollies xxx