17 February 2011



i'm ready to face the gym again! i've had the winter off because i couldn't be bothered going out in the cold into a cold air conditioned gym to work out.. i've had break from it, being in the warmth appreciating food and being a bit of a well deserved slob. for a very long time i've had issues with my weight and now that i'm 'back to normal' it's great to eat treats and not feel guilty about it!
but now that were heading into spring, and it's staying lighter earlier and not as cold... i want get a bit healthier and up my fitness! as of tomorrow i'm going to encorporate a bit more fruit into my diet and keep the 'weekends as treatends' so i don't eat as much junk food!
i'm finally happy with the way my body looks, but i would just like to tone my legs bum and tum, ready for crop tops and shorts weather, and i'd like to be a bit fitter so i can keep up with my boyfriend (as he's become very buff these days) mmm!

it'd friday tommorow, definitely can't wait... 3 day weekend! i'm going to liverpool on sunday with my boyfriend and we're going round the shops, having a nice meal and going out for drinks then staying over in a hotel, ready for my interview in the morning at liverpool john moores!
nervvvous! ahhh wish me look!
p.s one to follow lisa because she's such a darling!


  1. The gym is on my daily "to do list" I'm becoming a gym nut. Love this post. Motivational!


  2. I neeeeeed to go to the gym and tone up for summer! All my comfort eating in winter has not done be ANY good. Aaah.

    Oh, and thank you for your lovely comment :) The shorts are from Topshop! :)

    Shope, xoxoxo

  3. I really need to go to the gym, I signed up in January and haven't been yet! Those photos are very motivational, I'd give my right arm to have a flat, toned tum!
    Lots of luck for your interview!

  4. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    i hope you had a good day on weheartit hehe it's so fun and addictive <3

  5. nooooo! why did you have to show me that just as i'm sat here eating a chip butty?! i'm am insanely jealous of those girls

    thank you for the comment about the top!xxx


  6. Haha I'm the same! I really need to get back into the routine!


  7. ahahaha I need to pop off to the gym, my bum is moving a bit nuts right now looool - needs to be toned instead of the wobble wobble wobble paaaah!!

    Inspiration aye *eyebrowface* wonder why you would want to bend over in a flippen crab position like that ON A BED JESS!!! looooooooooooooooooooooool

    pahahaha !! I can't believe that, your bf was planning to go to some next chicks 21st bday psssh does he want me to come down their with straps and blast of a few people's heads blud! KMT

    Also you were feautured as my follow friday person aka sophisticated gangsta bling bling gal loooool :D x

    dis is no joke ting blud, dis is serious tings right ere fam.

    THEN fml I just found out wont get paid until another whole damn month cause thats how long it takes to come through -s oooo pissed.

  9. Sounds like an amazing plan!!! Goodluck with it... I think I need to do that too... more fruit less junk for a midriff proof tum!

    Thanks so much for commenting.. The weather in Melbourne is hot but raining all the time!!! So the outfit I posted is perfect... WITH an umbrella:)



  10. Good luck with your interview! I am sure you'll do well :D
    I need to go to the gym, I've started trying to be healthier and eating better but I am so shit with temptation. I see cake or biscuits and im like MMMM OKAY THEN. pfft, whatever, I just need to focus. might get myself some inspiration like you, so I can look and be like, I want my legs to be like thatt!! :Dxxx

  11. Love this post and good luck!!!

  12. haha this is totally thinspo for me! Must get to the gym :) x

  13. YOU UTTER BABE! ;) i love the 'weekends as treatends' motto too! much love xxx

  14. first time here and this post is pure inspiration! This year i started going to the gym then stopped after 3 weeks! am going back!!!!!

  15. i'm so jealous of that bodies! D:

  16. I've been getting back into gym mode too. Feels good, it's been ages since I properly exercised xx

  17. Oh how I need to sort my self out & just stop eating. The last few years I just have got BIG! To what I used to be anyway, I keep moaning, but feel I have very little inspiration to do something about it.
    These photos have given me a kick up the bum though- All I want it a flat belly & not fat arms & chin anymore


thank you so much dollies xxx