17 February 2011

in a rushhh!

snood - topshop  leather gillet - h&m  shorts (hardy see) river island  rings - topshop/topman

i'm in such a good mood, went out for tea on tuesday night with my boyfriend to TGI Fridays.. had a big fat steak in that gorgeous jack daniels sauce they do! mmmmmm. it was SO NICE to see him, and his card made me cry.. as if.. words on a piece of  card made tears come from my eyes.. west. was defiintely what i needed tho.. a massive cuddle and some quality time with him.
i was really naughty tho! and went to newlook and bought a black maxi skirt and another sheer shirt.. i totally said i wasn't spending anymore money on clothes.. but if i hadn't of bought them then and there i would of never seen them again! which happens alot these days.. so on this occasion it's ok.. :B
watched some weird program the other night about nuns... did anyone else see that?! they are literally behind bars, and they don't leave the grounds... imagine.. not being able to go to the cinema, or shopping, or to the beach? or to get in your car and drive to the shop?!?! i could not live that sort of life.. it's not even thinkable..
its a beautiful day, i'm soaking in the sunshine through my window at work feeling VERY JELOUS. i wish all these happy people with their dogs would go away.. look at you all in your sunglasses and three quarter length pants! you should all be ashamed of yourselfs!

have a nice day you lucky people who are off for half term. i hate you all!


  1. I don't have a half term either so I've decided to make my own one ;) Maybe you should try it to?!

  2. Thanks for the cute comment. I got some nail art pens on Ebay that have a needle tip, great for small detail.
    I need to get my nose peirced like this! It looks great on you.

  3. love that gilet and glad your feeling cheerful ;) amsterdam sounds absolutely incredible,wish I could just jet off there right now! or alternatively just have lots of drinks and noodles in boring old England! your recovery hugs seem to have worked my love, i'm feeling much better :) ooh and bangin new header and side pics! kisses xxx

  4. oh my gosh the TGI Fridays JD sauce is basically the best thing ever isn't it? I first tried it a few months ago and am annoyed at myself for all the years I could have tried it and didn't! I've missed out on so much!
    I am jealous of all the people who enjoyed the sunshine today, but not of the people who went out in shorts as it was still cold!

  5. yooooo - liking the waistcoat, that's like right up my street mate!
    A bit of leather too sick blud too sick

    Erm wtf does. 'west' actually mean? I thought you meant it as in North East South West - evidently not loool is it like some other word for 'cool'??? loool man. I'm not daan with the slang paaaahaaa!

    I also love a bit of TGI friday's :)

    Oh and for the adidas ting a ling -
    essay. kinda. LOL
    My main job is being a fashion assistant for RWD magazine bare urban like mag bruv. Proper me init - so I help styole the shoots, do the occasional write ups, now I'm about to start doing that exact thing for a new indie mag coming out in summer(not right up my street but I'll do da ting) I do some presenting too, but the adidas ting was like them booking me to style for their new campiagn sooo basically it's gunner be going on their website and EVERYONE HAS TO VOTE FOR LONDON STYLING (styled by ghetto cheyenne dee lol) then after that pics will be used on bustops and billboards which is a bit cringey seeing as I modelled for it too, but yeah

    thats my job and life blud - thats my life loooooooooool :D

    All I'm saying is, is that when da pics cum out fam, yu best vote 4 londaaan cah overwise man will av to let rip sum bullets init

    :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


thank you so much dollies xxx