11 February 2011

pick me some strawbs!

blouse - topshop  cardigan - H&M  jeans - hollister  bag - primark  necklace - topshop

i've been sat looking through tumblrs alllllllll day. funny how much time you can spending just scrolling through pages and pages of pictures. feeling super inspired right now. ahahaa.. i know nothing at all about australia apart from it's hot at christmas and they all surf, but how cool and beautiful is everyone? 
i'm slightly jelous that a reallll close mate of mine moved out there last year.. i'd kill to be able to wear shorts and crop tops everyday in the sunshine. i'd love to go out there.. but i know one day i will, england isn't great is it?
i so can't wait to travel... i want to do it with my boyfriend, because i know i'd get the most out of it and i'd really enjoy doing it with him. everyone else i think about travelling with just doesnt feel right.. there seems to be a nice balance between us.. never had it with anyone.. chilled.
i'm just feeling a bit wtf at the moment! i'm sat at my desk talking to people about house insurance.. i'm 19 for god sake, sometimes i feel so sad that this is what i am doing until plan b. BUT, you just gotta get on with it! for now it's alright, but i want an adventure.. i want to feel carefree again instead of being careful.
i feel like a strawberry picker today.. like i should have on a little hat and a basket.. i can't wait for it to get warmer, like i've said before.. i'm sick of wrapping up in layers and big bulky clothes.. i want to be freeeeeee.
love love love xxxxxxx


  1. I'd like to go to Australia too, although I wouldn't because I might see a tarantula. Eurgh, even typing the word scares me.
    Nice blouse btw :)

  2. Oh I've spent a lot of time on Tumblr today as well aha, I keep reblogging the most random things and generally lolling at all the memes! Cute outfit sweet, and congrats on reaching 100 followers (: xx

  3. oh god i feel the same stuck at my desk all day. i wish i could just have loads of money and travel the world and be happy forever xox


  4. I wanna travel the world though :p
    just wanna gooo everywhereeeee :D haa, but I don't wanna climb mountains or anything loool
    oo never noticed you had a nose peircing before - nice :)

  5. pretty floral top ! i'd like to go to Australia too, or anywhere else warm and sunny for that matter ! xo

  6. This winter is going on for forever!

    I love your topshop floral blouse. a spring tease


  7. thanks so much for your comment, love your cardigaan and ahhh really fancy some strawberries now! just a month til spring and sunshine (although it's hard to tell with shit english weather!)
    big hug xxx

  8. I can spend long hours on Tumblr as well, I'd love to see more and more inspiring pictures! You look beautiful hun! I love this outfit, that blouse looks so lovely and it goes well with that cardigan! Xx

  9. I´m youre Style Icon? oh you are so sweet^^

    I like youre Blog :)

    kiss kiss

  10. I feel like that every time I look out the window lately (well, except for today as it is sunny!) Just seeing all that rain and dingy dark days makes me want to run away to Australia and hang out at the beach every day. I've just bought a house so I won't be emigrating any time soon but it's certainly an aim of mine to go for an adventure overseas.
    Also, I love your outfit, especially your cardigan, it's a lovely colour.

  11. hi!i didnt know your blog and i really love it!if you want we can follow each other!kisses


  12. ahahhaa gangster!!
    you made me LOL, good job I wasn't sipping on my Rum and smoking my spliff that shit might of dropped all over the keyboard.

    looooool I do mean orange juice and galaxy bar :) honestly lol!!
    hahaa at the fact that this is the second time I've commented on this post!
    stalker alert stalker alert stalker alert LOOOL

    1up bluddd keep it real init

    I mean bye :) looool


  13. I really like your cardi! and your new header :) so cute.
    I'd love to live in australia, or just go travelling there, would be so amazing! Apart from the snakes, i hate snakes haha.

  14. i want to be free too!
    love those jeans
    thanks for the comment on my blog, now following you!xxx



thank you so much dollies xxx