18 February 2011

the weekend is here people!

 vest - H&M  belt - Topshop  skirt - Newlook  hoodie - american apparel  necklace - topshop

most definitely have the friday fever today and i'm not in the mood to be working! i'm just slumped in my chair like a defeated cabbage.. GAHHHHHHHH
i know that as soon as i leave the building i will be fine.. it's just being in this warm office drinking loads of cups of tea is making me sleepy... ;(

i've put a picture up of what i wore yesterday because i don't like anything about myself today! i feel very 'nice' looking.. and i hate looking like this! do you know what i mean? i like looking like i've just rolled out of bed and a bit shabby.. today i'm like a freshly ironed shirt.. with my hair all nice and neat and pretty. yukk...
this is why i always put a hoodie on or converse so i don't feel like i'm trying to hard and look more casual.. i don't know why i just have such a big issue wih it!
maybe it's coz i don't dress up 'to go out' anymore, i go out to sankeys most of the time and heels there is a no go, i always go out in a crop top, leggings and a hoodie.. maybe it's coz i'm in a long term relationship that i just dislike looking 'nice' when i'm not with him.. westtttttt.
any north west girls planning on attending this? Lauren's Bloggers meet up
i'm thinking of going up to sheff for it, so let me know if anyone close by fancys coming with me!

p.s this is my favourite EVER illustrator/crazy/designer/ ian stevenson (i often send him creepy emails complimenting his madness and how i want to get inside his brain and see just what the fuck is goin on in there.. i want some of that shit) CHECK HIM OUT!


    And you call ME a gangsta??? Look at miss hoodie gyal!!
    aahahhaa!! love the pic where your holding up the hood mate - very ghetto!!!
    ERMMMMMMMMMM. I don't even know what the Artic Monkeys is, sorry mate :/ just googled it - some kind of band LOOL!
    I only listen to Grime and Hip Hop lmaoooo - soo didn't have a clue, I'm not that gangsterish though, I do listen to the occasional love songs lmfaoo!!!
    But most of the time the lyrics go 'fuck you hoe,' yeah loooooooool

    Oh so basically I can be like
    lol sooo what part of England are you from? Cause nope - never heard of it sorry! Obviously you live near the farms I take it loooool xx

  2. I'm not in a long relationship, but I get like that at times. It the opposite, I hate just looking nice, like looking like everyone else. That's my way of saying it.

  3. i love the hoodie and i just looked at Ian's designs - the dude has some skills! Oh and before, i noticed you had your helix pierced with a hoop in and i totally want one now - it's not too painful right? i'd still probably get it even done if it was, haha :)

    Mollie from we-are-the-crowd.com

  4. I love your hoodie and that skirt looks so good on you! Xx

  5. If this your slobby, you'd hate to see mine!!

    I hope your weekend went well.


  6. you are rather fit missy ;)
    and i found people who wanted to go but by the time i'd got my act together tickets had sold out. i actually fail at life :/
    i might sell it or give to someone or something, or probs forget about it entirely knowing me!


thank you so much dollies xxx