28 February 2011

left my phone in the taxi!

feels like i havn't updated in ages! the weekend absolutely flew by, i went to sankeys on saturday night and had the best night ever! somebody dropped a bit of warren g in the mix and everyone went MENTALLLL, after some stomping and some absolutely FREEZING cig breaks, we got in a taxi that was waiting outside the club and when i got home i looked in my bag.. and my phone was gone! gutted. left it in the taxi. i frantically phoned the 'manchester cars' number and they said because it wasn't booked in, they can't do shit about it. so a note to anybody DO NOT GET IN A WHITE CAB THAT SAYS 'MANCHESTER CARS' ON THE SIDE, OUTSIDE SANKEYS. because they are illegally waiting outside the club and are theifing bastards.
so i have to go through the annoying process of claiming for a new one, having that assessed, sent back to me, signed, cleared, blahblhablhadfsdfosehfke, so i should have a new blackberry back in about 2 weeks i hope. I HOPE. i'm not even arsed about the phone, i'm annoyed that i've lost the photos of that night coz there was some really good ones!
bummer :'(
i went to see my friend barney aka faust dj at hit n run tonight! had a pretty funny night, i don't really get drum n bass and don't really like it... but i promised him i'd go and i made a new friend kat while i was there which was lovely! must admit tho.. the crowd was a little odd.. i didn't really understand what the skanking was and how to do it.. i don't know! i'm just not converted.. i am an electro housey trancey fiend, i like my music happy and full of energy. this was very angry and not very friendly!
i'm so tired so i'm going to bed now.
p.s can you spot max branning from eastenders?


  1. Looks like you had a fun night! That sucks about your phone though, taxi people are such arses! I'm sure claiming is going to be a pain...
    Also, where did you get that denim jacket? I've been trying to get one for AGES now that fits and yours looks really nice.

  2. Looks like a fun night :)

    The Flower Girl


  3. Sucks that you lost your phone! Or it was stolen? very suspiciuos! The amount of times i have lost my phone on a night out is ridic!

    Looks like you had a great night!


  4. You had a great time as I see...:)))
    Great pics!



    Don't bother to pass by anytime...:)

  5. I could not decide which post I wanted to comment on, but since I had a ball last weekend, I choose this one.

    Omgosh I would had flip my wig if my phone was gone, well maybe not a wig but real hair. lol

    But hey it would not be a good night if you didn't loose something. lol

    I too like my music to be full of energy when I go out dancing. Mmmmmm what kinds of trance and house music do you like?


  6. I know how you feel, I lost my camera in a club before but I wasn't mad I lost the camera...I was mad that I lost the photos :'(

    At least you had a fun night beside the fact!!


thank you so much dollies xxx