22 February 2011

a whole new world?

shirt - newlook  leather jacket - H&M  necklace - topman  leggings - topshop  black wedges - varanni

i have had a LOVELY weekend, i went to liverpool on sunday as me and joe booked in a hotel on the dock. the weather was absolutely freezing.. and i was really excited to go to liverpool one but when we got in there to my shock horror the shopping centre had NO ROOF. i moaned my way around it until it was no longer bareable so we went back to the hotel and snuggled up in bed, with a little cup of tea and some daytime tele.
then we got ready and went out for a meal at yee rah which is above liverpool one which was REALLY TASTY, i would definitely recommend.
got a little bit giddy on wine back at the hotel and played the malteaser game.. they don't mention in the adverts that the chocolate is gunna melt do they? got it everwhere. cheers.

had my university interview on monday! which was the whole point in going to liverpool, i'd say it went alright.. i have no idea if it's a yes or a no which puts me in that horrible waiting position. i have to say though.. i was totally BLOWN AWAY by the studios, facilities, layout and space that Liverpool John Moore's University had to offer. so if i do get accepted then i am faced with a very difficult decision of whether to move into the city and back into halls. which would mean giving up my car and going back to public transport, not seeing my friends and family as much, and settleing into a whole new world.. a little bit scary!

i went in urban outfitters in liverpool, and absolutely fell in love with the first pair, if i had a spare £85 then i would of bought them straight away! but as i've just bought my new black ones.. i really don't need another pair of wedges.. do i? the other 3 are perfect for summer!

shoes - all urban outfitters!

hope you all had a lovely weekend! and if anyone has moved away from home to go to uni, please let me know how it went for you!


  1. I love this denim waistcoat. Is it a recent buy? You look gorgeous in the third pic too.
    fingers crossed with the uni interview. I moved away for uni right after school and unfortunately didn't work out for me but I'm now so jealous of everyone who stuck at it. Also, moving to London worked out amazingly for me so I say go for it!

  2. i love the fact that the jacket has cut-off sleeves, it rocks :)
    i decided to get my top ear done with a ring and i love it! i forced myself to go first out of my friends so that i wouldn't cop out...even if they did, ahaha but it's cool :)
    good luck with your university x

    Mollie from we-are-the-crowd.com

  3. Love the shirt ;)
    Good luck with all your university stuff!

  4. i've moved here for work! quite a change from Manchester. i got offered a job and literally moved the next week so it's all happened very fast!

  5. blogger meet-up sounds good to me! lets do it :) we'll have a laugh! just tell me when/where etc and i'm game.

    oh and make me a cd! i'll give you my address so you can post it to me or whatever ;D

  6. i am so very in love with your outfit! i may just have to go out and buy it all haha
    and oh god i have my uni interviews soon....shitting myself xx

  7. love the outfit!! that leather gilet/jacket thing is lovely! x

  8. love the combination of the sheer shirt and the leather giletxxx


  9. love the blouse, the color is PERFECT !
    hope you get accepted ! xo

  10. Love that sheer blouse on you! And sounds like your interview went fine! Congrats! Fingers crossed that you get good news, REAL SOON! keep us posted!


  11. I go to uni in london which is about 3 hours from my home and i don't regret moving away in the slightest! Making new friends and settleing in wasn't a problem, i love having a new city to explore and you appreciate your old friends and family much more when you visit :) good luck whatever you decide!
    Anyway, love your shirt and your blog is fab - i'm following :) x

  12. Love the shirt!! UO are killers for shoes, that and I can't resist a good pair of wedges, so I totally know the feeling!! xxx

  13. love the shoes! Urban outfitters never fails to make me want to spend all my money! You're looking lovely as always, love the blouse :)

  14. I ordered this shirt the other day and it hasn't come yet, so glad it looks amazing on you!

  15. You look really pretty<3, I love your outfit! This is going to sound really random but I only just saw a comment from you on a post of mine from early last month asking if russian red was a deep red and yes it is, it's lovely but very dark!xx

  16. oh wow! Yummy shoes :) I need some nice new flats.
    You look STUNNING! this outfit is just bloody gorgeous, love it

  17. I love your outfit, and your blog! :)
    Check out mine maybe?? http://hazzaapee.blogspot.com/ xxx

  18. this outifit rocks!

    xx vanessa


thank you so much dollies xxx