13 February 2011

hair down! urrrg!

vest - topshop  pink frilly bralet thing - topshop jeans - topshop  dolly shoes - topshop  
headband - peacocks -  rings - topshop/h&m 

i've had a supperrrrrr chilled weekend, got all my work done ready for university applications and interviews. i have 100% destressed whatever stress was in my body! and i think the cure was alot of wine and choclates with lyn last night and toasted tea cakes with my dad at breakfast! i stayed at his last night and had a very lovely relaxing time. i got my car washed and all my meals cooked for me, never lifted a finger! felt like a princess :)
very much looking forward to valentines day tommorow, i'm spending the evening with my lozzy and were going for a combination of food/cinema/shopping. i really want to see that gnomeo and juliet, looks really fun right? i hope you's all have a good day and spend it doing something special!
mmm....i made a giant portion of curry for my tea before! it's so giant i have 4 portions for the rest of the week at work.. amazing. curry is the best food in the whole world.. the spicyier the better and it's all for ME!
p.s i havn't been rejecting my blog! i've just been doing alllll my other stuff! so i will get back to everybody tommorow :)
pp.s i am loving my new banner.. yes this is going to stay! and click here to see the blog i've made for Salford Uni... will it do? i have 3 days to improve it!


  1. Love this,super nice outfit. Love the back of the vest top, you look gorgeous :)
    You make me want my nose pierced rather a lot too!
    Hope you have a nice day 2moro

  2. Stunning!!

    Oh Curry is always a winner with me, I swear I could actually eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner - Enjoy!

    Joanne xx

  3. you look lovely, love the vest top and the hair down and aah jealous of your destressing weekend :) i love curry! xx

  4. you look proper cute with your hair down! i had the cat version of those shoes, but i sold them on ebay for £40 or something! haha xo


  5. love this outfit! You look beautiful with your hair down and that headband looks so good on you! Xx

  6. I want that vest so I can wear my sequin bra with it! Hehe
    I have those shoes btw, but mine are slightly different :)

  7. love your outfit and all of your rings! btw, i am your newest follower. xo

  8. I think i have those jeans! Love your outfit :) x


  9. Stunning outfit + accessories dear!

  10. ooh also is this top still available at topshop? and if so how much was it? i really really want it!!!
    i'll check back here or you can answer as a comment on my blog or email me at stilettosandcigarettes@gmail.com :D
    thank you!xxx


  11. Your blog is so cute! I love this outfit, it's so very now. This is what the girls on tumblr go CRAAAAZY for ;) Found your blog through Yeah It's Shyy's Forward Friday since you're featured! New follower :)



thank you so much dollies xxx