23 February 2011

sideshow bob

panda jumper (shrunk in wash) - topshop jeans - hollister - moccasins - peacocks

urggggggggggggg! i'm absolutely nursing a 'tummy ache' today, so i have with me at work now & heat magazine's, a freddo, a hot choclate and some rich tea biccys... also my snuggliest cardigan and ugg boots. today is definitely a i cba with anybody day.  
my hair is also a perm because i left all my hair products at my boyfriends after liverpool.. so i had no chice but to let it do what it wants to do, i look like sideshow bob when its down. not cool. 
i'm seeing my dad tonight and going for tea sooo.. i think i'll go for some comfort foods.. mmm hello huge bowl of salty ramen noodles, i want you. i also have another interview scheduled in march! 1 down, 2 to go! c'monnnn!
wish me luck!
i've defo stripped back all the layers.. gone for a very comfy and basic look today :)
hope you have a nicer wednesday than me!

As i didn't get to do my biggest tunes on monday! heres some current songs i'm lurrrvin:

Tonite Only – We Run The Nite - there defo needs to be a LONGER version of the original! 
Zimms - My Feelings (Original Mix) - wow literally on my feel boogie away to this right now!
Hercules and Love Affiar - My House (Tensnake Remix) - this makes me feel like ibiza is round the corner! 
Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (Adrien Mezsi Reboot) - been trying for weeks to get hold of this but Arien Mezsiis putting it up for download for free as of march 1st! amazing!
Danny Dove & Ben Preston ft. Susie LedgeFalling - such a good bouncy deep tune.. got a right bass in it!

p.s extra special mention to the people behind beatmyday DON'T KNOW WHERE MY HEAD WOULD BE WITHOUT THEIR AMAZING CHOICES. (probabley up my bum) love love love love love!


  1. omg freddo and rich tea biscuits and salty noodleeees! im sucha hungry hippo right now
    lovelyy outfit ;) and your face is so nice! haha i always manage to sound...pervy xx

  2. oh you look gorgeous! your panda jumper is amazing, and your jeans are such a nice fit. hope you feel better - freddo, hot chocolate and biccies sounds amazing.

  3. aaw how cute is that panda jumper?! and for a second there i imagined how sideshow bob would look with his hair up in a bun haha

    good luck with the interviews ! xo

  4. Aw, your jumper is so cute:D Hope your feeling better soon, jealous of your freddo and hot chocolate ;D

  5. You know what I forgot today was humph day. O_O (darn college life).

    But yeah I know exactly how you feel on the whole not wanting to look all hip today. In the words of Monica It's one dem days, dont take it personal.

    And great music taste.


  6. You look beautiful hun! I love your panda jumper, it looks ammazing! Xx

  7. Ooooh I think your hair looks nice! And its allllll about the freddo's, I could genuinely eat about 10 in one sitting. I LOVE Hercules and Love affair - my house as well! Ahhh. Xxxxxx

  8. yo yo yoo homieee
    omg do I keep saying it lmaooo shoot me now why am I even saying it when you can't vote until like March lmaoooo
    how WEST of me mannn loool
    oi I'm proper loving off that word man, although everyone over in London city has no idea what Im saying so I just say

    'oh ha, west? yeah yeah, farm girl jess taught me it, they use it over in the countryside - you know, where the cows are'


    liking the panda top - cute mate cute, sideshow bob HEY WHAT YOU TRYNA SAY ABOUT CURLY PEOPLE TRYNA CUSS ME FAM :@

    also 'we're going for tea' looool Jess you sound soooo... posh haaaa xxxx

  9. your make up looks lovely, love the little moccasins too!!xx

  10. Woooooooooooow!! LOVE the panda jumper. You look super pretty here <3

    T & J



  11. I love this jumper! If you don't mind me asking, where did you get it? I love the purple color of your wall :)

  12. hey tehre :) in regards to your shorts question, i am selling them. email me on lydialeeholloway@talktalk.net if your interestedd x

  13. I love the panda sweater...too cute :-)


thank you so much dollies xxx