31 January 2011

Music Monday

helllo! this is just a picture of the chilled side of me, no make up, trackies and my boyfriends t-shirt.. playing with my hairdryer sock (which is what i keep my camera in.. shocking! i really need a case!)
right, theres two things i enjoy most in my spare time.. shopping and fashion, and music.
music is something i have always been into but my music taste has changed over the years, now i dabble in a bit of tech house, trance, deep house, electro, chilled, prog house, minimal... you getz my drift? and i take so much pride in the music i choose. i have certain playlists on my itunes depending on the mood of which it could be listened. (i have always been this anal) and i have all my music in date order because otherwise i tend to have all my trancy stuff in one batch and chilled in another.. as apose to haveing it going from madonna? to major lazer? to maya jay coles? which doesn't flow and would not go down great.
i love music, i takes you too so many diffrent places and it can completely make a crowd of 5,000 go mental or can kill an atmosphere at a house party (like what some guy did when he put a bit of james blunt on or whatever the fuck it was this weekend. NOT COOL) when i quit uni, i had all these crazy ideas and one of them was to become a DJ, i have the mind for it, the taste, the love, just i dont have the skill, time or the commitment. i'd rather sit back and appreciate it when i can see somebody else enjoying it. maybe one day i will get too know the decks more.. but for now, here's my 5 tunes that i am loving at the moment...

Cassius - I Love You So  this song is so chilled, it almost breaks my heart
Gorillaz Empire Ants (Miami Horror remix)
really cute upbeat electro version of a gorrilaz song

Gil Scott Heron and Jamie xx  - 'I'll Take Care Of U'
jamie from the xx, i have loved everything he has ever made. he has this little bounce in every song that is addictive. would. love. to. see. him. live.
Andrea Roma - Iong (Ahmet Sendil Remix) 
alot heavier, recently played this at my friends flat and got good feedback. had too put it up. 2 minutes in, dream.
Stanton Warriors - Turn Me Up Some
not one of my friends would pat me on the back for this one, this is a song that i play in secret in my own car when nobody else can hear it. it's so bad that its good!
+ the wild card
El Guincho   Palmitos Park
because i literally can not listen too this without feeling incredibly happy! and the video is really sweet!

enjoy and have a good day!


  1. We keep pair camera in a pair of socks ha ha!!

    Music is everything to me I never put the TV much these days!

    Thanks for comment about the hair, I do hide it well with loads of talk and poof it up! I have done well making it last ( poor student life)


  2. Nice song choices! I used to keep my camera in a sock too hahaha, but then I DIYed my own case!! x


thank you so much dollies xxx