26 January 2011

mid-week treat

leopard vest: topshop  trousers: river island  black pumps: topshop  necklace: accessorize

these are the trousers i bought from riverisland, i LOVE the colour and the shape, they are really comfy with an elasticated band around the top so they fit really snug but not too tight. but they came with the tastley black belt that i'm not too sure about.. there is just something about it i don't quite like. but it does come off!
last night lauren came round for tea which was really nice because i haven't seen her in ages! so we had a little catch up and a natter, then i took her home in time for my big fat gypsy wedding. which was amazing! i love good evening tv.. there is sometimes so nice and satisfying about sitting like a slob in your jammies with a cup of tea a few biscuits! it's one of my greatest comforts. either that or wine. (mmm!)
you know when you really want something.. and you can't get it out of your head? well i'm in that state of mind right now with a pair of brown lace wedges. i saw them in new look a few days ago, and they must of come in on that day because they were all just sat on a chair waiting to be worked into the shelfs. as soon as they go on the website I WILL POST THEM. i also need to buy a new fake tan as mines running out, but i'm a bit sick of the one i use at the moment which is this (it lasts a week, and it really good but you put it on clear and it dries into a tan so it's sticky for agesss) but, i think i'll try xen-tan as i've had good reviews! anybody ever tried it?
i'm having fish for tea! my boyfriends cooking.. mmm fishy fishy fish with more fish pls!
love! xxx
as you can see by the pictures above.. i'm sort of having more fun with it now? i'm not as scared of the camera. ahahaa


  1. i love those trousers but i was worried how they'd look around my tum. but after seeing your photos, i think they look mint and i'm definitely going to go for them!

    ♥ elle

    elle & the fashion folk

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  3. I like those trousers their really nice and they go really well with the leopard print blouse, I love Jessie J too :)

    she was front cover for the mag I work for, that issue is coming out feb though x

  4. you look gorgeous! this outfit goes sooooo well together!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  5. whooaa love the leopard top ! i was never really a fan of the print, but today i got myself a leopard blouse too :D xo

  6. This is a great ensemble but I love love love that top! x

  7. I adore your outfit, your blog is suppperr amazing and inspiring <3 definitely following :)


  8. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! I've been longing for some trousers like that - gorgoeus!!

  9. This is a great outfit- the trousers make it.

  10. I absolutely loooove what you are wearing there :)
    And I am also obsessed with tea hehe:D
    following you, love your blog x

  11. I want that tee for so long!! It too bad we don´t have topshop here :( look good on you!!

  12. What a lovely outfit. I'm having fish for tea later and cannot wait, mmm! Sally x

  13. I love your look, Is so funny !

  14. Love this outfit, so ladylike but a bit edgy too! Hope your dinner was yum, def buy the boots!

    R x


thank you so much dollies xxx