22 January 2011

pete thong,

My head hurts! i must apologise for yesterdays awful picture. i literally took 3 pictures then my camera ran out of battery so i had a choice of 3 really bad pictures. i look like a monkey?

the crowd that was at sankeys last night has completely changed, it seems there is alot of people there that go out on the pull instead of going out for the music. i know that when i'm there i'm there for my friends, the dj booth, the all night skanking and a few cigs outside. there was just so many desperate people... girls aswell. one of the lads in our group was getting approached by girls all night. and you know what, i just could not be bothered! never have i been out 'on the pull' because it just dosn't appeal to me, but to go up too several lads in one night... at a place like sankeys. wow. 
it was really good night though. jordan councel smashed it in spektrum and absolutely got the crowd going, and he was enjoying every minute of it and getting involved with the crowd and was really going for it! i felt so proud of him coz i've never seen him play before.
pete tong on the other hand.. all i remember seeing of him was his slimey face bobbing up and down and him shouting "HELLO MANCHESTER, I FUCKING LOVE THIS PLACE. I LOVE IT IN HERE." ye well. you should of PLAYED BETTER THEN. his set was too deep and took to long to get going. it needed to be a bit bouncier and more electro. wasn't too interested so we all went back to jordans flat, got the decks going and chillllled out. 
was a weird and fantastic night. and now i'm going to have a chinese takeaway to sooth my head!
a BETTER outfit post tommorow, and a bit more too say maybe?
p.s i wore my hair extentions in a pony tail and absolutely rocked them!

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