12 January 2011

New Car CD!

I made a new cd last night which made my drive to work a bit more exciting. i was however sat in heaps of traffic for an hour and half which made me late, but i did get to listen to all 15 tracks. huzzarr! i might actually post songs on here in the future.. as i do love all genres of house. but lets not get ahead of ourselves!
Last night i got to joes and there was wine on the table and tea was cooking.. he'd made turkey in a sticky sweet and spicy sauce with sweet potato mash, parsnips and carrots in honey and orange marmalade and asparagus (oh hello!) and it was AMAZING. i'll blow his trumpet for him and announce that he's quite a good cook. ;)
I have recieved another letter from MMU so now the blog of my illustration/graphic design work is too suit both courses. This is quite difficult because allthough they can be quite simular... they can also clash and be very diffrent. so i'm going to pick a range and promise myself that it will be done by the weekend so i can stop stressing! 
Above are pictures of myself, i will do some outfit posts soon but as this is completely fucking new too me, i will start by showing my face. (and my only tattoo tommy tophat)
Its nearly time for shameless (hopefully it will get better tonight?) so i'm going to get on it!
inabit x


  1. Hey <3

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  2. Hey thanks for the comment, I have the black with the leopard collar too haha! am abit obsessed with collars and leopard print atm! lol Cute blog x x x


thank you so much dollies xxx