11 January 2011

River Island

Slightly dissapointed today, went for tea with my dad and then popped in River Island afterwards beause i'd seen some lush things on the website.. I was wrong. i'm quite a tall person and it takes alot to make me look frumpy, but that gorgeous skit turned me into a dumpling! i looked like a fat child at a birthday party. i think because the material is so thick it just gathers on my waist and poofed out massively on my hips. The sheer blouse looks like a regular sized blouse on the website but when i tried it on, it didn't even took into my high waisted jeans.. its really cropped but in an unflaterring way which showed off my belly button and my bra. if it was a little longer then it would be quite nice but it just looked like i cant dress myself. 

Because i have the luxury of doing whatever i like while i work, i often paint my nails, write in my diary, draw and browse through milionz and zillionz of websites that i would never normally go on. i have about 5 bookmarks to 'cute animals' (ye i kno. love um) about 3 competitions websites, cosmopolitan (actually reading the advice forums.. who does that?!) plenty of shopping ones, and my fave.. i can has cheezburger. ahhh.

I bought two hair dyes last night so i can dye my hair to a darker brown and my extentions to the same colour so i might actually wear them, as much as i want longer hair.. i don't feel comfortable with them in.. i always think that everyone must know its not my hair, like i'm holding a giant sign up saying 'i'm wearing a wig'. anywayz, i've got some competitions to enter..
Going to my boyfriends tonight, he's cooking!
peas x


  1. Thanks for your comment.
    The skirt looks lovely, what a shame it didn't fit right.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment. it made my day :)

    I know what you mean about hair extensions making you feel uncomfortable...I feel the same way so have stopped wearing mine. But I want to start up again..I guess we'll just have to get used to 'wearing a wig.'lol

    Talk soon
    Cheri xox

  3. Thanks for you comment - and to answer you, no, not my real hair colour, unfortunately :( But hair dress do some great stuff! ;-)

    Too bad those clothes you tried on didn't fit, but you'll find some other nice clothes soon, no? :-)

  4. Hi...

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Glad Im one of your first followers so I can see where your Blog starts and ends up ha!

    Shame about the skirt huh! Least you have saved money though ;)

    Speak soon xx


thank you so much dollies xxx