24 January 2011

money burning a hole in my pocket.

i have recovered from the weekend and feel fresh as a daisy now! so fresh, that i want to go and buy things. i'm going to trafford centre tonight because i have vouchers to spend from christmas and i'm highly excited because i have been very good this month and barely bought anything. but i do think it's about time i got myself something new.. all of the above are river island because thats where most of my vochers are for.. i did want some new trousers but i don't fancy another pair of peg leg trousers because they just add pounds round the hips! noooohhhh we don't want that!
so skirts and blouses are the top of my list!
spring time? hellooooo spring! i can not wait. i absolutely hate winter, but this winter hasn't been that bad because i've had the luxury of having my car, and i just can't imagine not having it now that i have it. the summer is going to be so chilled with nissan niall to drive around in. summer tunes and sunglasses and the windows OPEN... the heating OFF. road trips and picnics! bbq's and beaches!
everyones happier when the weather gets nicer too.. sunny vibes. i love em.
my boyfriends mum left for lithuania this morning on a business trip and i made the mistake of saying to her "are you going to get time to sunbathe?" i then got corrected that lithuania is in russia and it's snowing. lol. (duh)
i watched 'the kings speech' last night, absolutely loved it... i think maybe it's because i have such a crush on colin firth, but the story is really sweet and i highly recommend it too anybody that likes quite bland films. like i do...
peace! xxx


  1. Love the shoes and the hat...how fabulous ♥
    The part about Lithuania made me laugh, I think I may have said the same thing, my geography isn't that good.

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  2. i love the tank top and those sandals are gorgeous! i can't wait to get my sandals out for summer :)

    Mollie from we-are-the-crowd.com

  3. those sandals are divine!


  4. oh these are all such nice thangs! :)

  5. love the R top - i really want one with a T on it! aha :) x x

  6. I love the top and the skirt ( sorry for my english .. )

  7. I really want that skirt as well !!,, every time i go into ri its always sold out in my size :(


thank you so much dollies xxx