15 March 2011

ahhh the smell of fresh grass!

all of the above are from river island, funnily enough, everything here is brown! totally  unintentional.. but don't they all look lovely together? :)
none of them i can buy however as i have lots of birthday presents to shop for! i have so many little ideas buzzing around my little brain.. because i absolutely love buying people gifts! i spend SO MUCH TIME internet shopping..
i'm really stuck on what to by my dad and his fiance as both their birthdays are soon. any ideas? they are modern late 40's with love for wine, classical music and cooking. serious difficult people to buy for! i've already booked theatre tickets for us all to go to the theatre but i'm stuck on actual presents!
OH MY GODDDD. i posted all my ebay items to the buyers as i recently sold alot of clothes.. and to my horror. i sent a denim skirt to a man who wanted the denim shirt and the denim shirt to the girl that wanted the denim skirt! i am actually a pleb. i shouldnt be allowed to sell things to people. god knows what everybody else has recieved! luckily they both saw the funny side
i have good news though! my blackberry is in the mail and will be at my house within 3 days! amazing. i have suffered with this old shit samsung that doesnt let me swear in text messages! i miss my blackberry messenger and my emails! oh goddd. come back to me bb baby!
i also.. ACCEPTED MY OFFER AT LIVERPOOL! and i'm in the process of sorting my accomodation. a smoking, all girls, double en-suite deluxe! BOOM! i'm actually a bit excited.. arrrrrrrrhhhh this is seriously happeninggg!
ideas for dad and fiances presents greatly appreciated!
have a lovely day chickens!


  1. Ha, I did that on ebay once, unfortunatley for me the two girls didn't see the funny side.
    The hat is gorgeous!
    Oh, I took your advise and wore the socks to work! Strange looks everywhere! xx

  2. hello Im your 150th follower :D love your blog, its so pretty! xxx

  3. Ha ha, I bet the man tried the denim skirt on before he returned it ;) x

  4. I love those tobacco trousers. They are on my want list! x

  5. what you like!? honestly trust you to send people the wrong stuff ;)

    example was amaaaaaaaazing. danced like a right weirdo + didn't give a shit ahah xxxxxxx

  6. beautiful picks!
    wowzaaa at your offer! hehe!
    Krissy xoxo

  7. Love the loafers and the peter pan top! Lol at the ebay story! :P

  8. HAHA Smoking room- always a winner babe.
    Hmm gift ideas!?
    VTG Vino?
    Personalised cook book?
    a musical dvd?
    Sorry not much input there?! cheers mate.
    I want a floppy hat PRONTO.
    Go on then, shove off to scouse land. TA-RA, (only one kiss for you) x

  9. definitely loving all the brown! congratulations on your offer :)

  10. this screams summer. gutted about your phone man. i did the exact same thing a month ago, brand new blackberry bold didnt get over it for a good while. is pathetic but once you go bb you cannit go back. happy to hear one is on its way.

    Helen, X


thank you so much dollies xxx