14 March 2011

is that summer on its way?


these are from big al's 21st birthday that i went to on saturday night,  the taxi drivers 70 point turn in the road was so funny on the way there. me kaylie hannah and leah were all giggleing which only put pressure on him and made him stall and bang off the kerb like 3 times. felt SO SORRY for him.
i had my hair down aswell.. i don't like having my hair down because my hairs not the length i want it to be so i feel a bit self concious.. but i braved it! i think in about two months i'll be comfortable wearing it down on a daily basis.. it just has to get past this awkward length!

i'm in a real nice state of mind at the moment, i think i've got over the initial fear of moving to liverpool at the moment and i'm in a content.. yes i can do this mentality. i am coming out of my shell a bit more and doing more social things because i'm back to having money which is nice. plus the sun is shining and my drive to work was warm and happy with my new cd on..

i'm having a quiet weekend in this week followed by two mad sankeys weekends.. absoultely can't wait for them to be honest.. and i'm going to the gym as much as i can this week as my spa weekend with my boyfriend in 2 weeks and 6 days and i want to look as bumtingz as possible! heeeelloooo shexy weekend! ahahaha
hope you all had a chilled weekend
p.s got my first parking ticket on saturday. not cool. that 35 pound would of been nice.


  1. I actually really like your hair that length!
    And I love your outfit too :) glad you had fun,

    Rosie x

  2. looking gorgeous baby!

    I like your hair you should deffs wear it down more often.

    what cd are you donning? xxxxxxx

  3. I love your hair down, looks great!! Those trousers are cool too, nice colour! xx

  4. I think your hair looks lovely down :) love the trousers too, look amazing:D
    gutting about the parking ticket!xxx

  5. you look stunning! looks like you had loads of fun!...except the parking ticket bit hehe!
    love your trousers, love the colour! where are they from?
    Krissy xoxo

  6. Love your outfit <3
    Ah shame about the parking ticket :( how annoying!xx

  7. Haa, that picture made me laugh :D
    Thanks for the tip - I've recently started doing the eyebrow thing!

    Rosie x

  8. haha JESS check out my post xxxx

  9. I'm going Sankeys for paddys day on Thursday. Excited :) Your outfit is so cute. I would never be able to pull it off like you have. Much jealousy haha x

  10. You're SO PRETTY its unbelievable!
    and love the colour of your trousers, fab!

  11. Love your hair like this :)
    How did they get it so volumised???
    Also were are the trousers from??
    www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  12. LOVE your hair, you look gorgeous!xx

  13. you are a babeeeeeeee.

    glad you're feeling better bout liverpool, but i knew you'd be reet so yeah, GOOD.


  14. JESS you are a pisser, just my kinda bird... made me spit my brew out 'bloody fringey bastard' this made my day! hahaha

  15. Haha babe I DO!!! Well about 40 minutes away, staffordshir!? I deffs went through a phase of going manc ALL the time... and now your fooking off to bloody scouse land and i'll never be reunited with my TWIN devo'd.... whens your blackberry back shitter? love you xxxx

  16. This outfit is really nice, I love the belt and the colour of the trousers, its my favourite at the moment!

    Thanks for your comment and following me :)

    Hatty x

  17. Love your outfit!!! Great style dear!!:)




thank you so much dollies xxx