05 April 2011

i'm back!

top - topshop  skirt - zara  belt - topshop  sandles - primark
feeeeeeeling muchhh better now!
i went to a spa at the weekend with my boyfriend as i treated him for his 21st present. it was much better than i had expected because the reviews were just awful! it wasn't the hilton, but it wasn't faulty towers either.. but it was just so nice to spend time with joe just me and him. he's going to vegas at the end of the month for a week and i am going to miss him a fair bit.. lameeee..
but yeh.. i feel much better, had some retail therapy in chester and booked my holdiay to ibiza! which is amaaaazzzzingly exciting! i keep singing venga boys... i'm going with my best friend and were going to do some crazy clubing for 5 days then some mega chillin out for the next 5 days.. im like so excited! arrrrr! the only problem is... i have 3 pay days until my holdiay so i need to save as much as possible.. anyone know any saving money tips because i don't know how to control myself when i'm out shopping! i am going to take back my shorts and 3/4 suede trousers i bought at the weekend tho.. that will make me £60 pound up.. which is better than nothing! ooh :( i hate cuttign back and giving up all the nice things! im going to have to be super boring for the next 3 months...
i've eaten so much shit the past four days! and ive not been to the gym for two weeks. so thats all got to change this week, i need to stop being a fatty bum bum and go and work off the amount of cake i've eaten! 


  1. I love this outfit<3, you look so lovely and tanned!xx

  2. FIT!
    Looking lovers.
    SO hotel was good :) panicing for nothing!
    I would suggest EBAY all your unwanted items as a way of making some monies then save it in paypal until you need :) DO ITTT.
    Jel of ibiza big time.

  3. Spa sounds niiiice :) I'm terrible at saving money so probs not the best person to comment.. I do what you do and take things back (generally I just have the urge to spend and once I've done that I don't necessarily need to wear the clothes...). Or set up a standing order going into a savings account ? (terribly organised I know) x

  4. oh yey for booking ibiza - my favourite place in the world. i've worked there for the past few years and spent all the months i wasn't there saving, i found actually withdrawing a portion of money and putting it in a tin marked with 'ibiza' actually stopped me spending it most of the time. since then i couldn't make any cheeky splurges on my debit card and thought much harder about taking money out of the tin! it's so hard though when you want to buy holiday clothes as well! you're looking gorgeous in your pictures. x

  5. looking laveeely jess. jealous of your holiday!! sounds like it's going to be amazing. you should open a separate savings account and transfer a set amount each month, then put in what you have left over too. works well x

  6. i stayed in san antonio for the past two years :) zoo project is AMAZING, i spend all the winter months hoarding animal print in my wardrobe in preparation! haha! ibiza rocks is amazing too if you're not staying there go to one of the gigs! and definitely get to pacha - it's such an amazing experience. little tip, if you book in advance for a meal at their sushi restaurant (although it is quite expensive) you get free entry to the club. oooh and hit the sunset strip for drinks, such a breathtaking view. there's a bar called golden buddha that has beds you can lie on and watch the sun set from and they do amazing cocktails and cheap food. and for a nice meal out go to davids, they do a 3 course menu for like 12 euros. or kasbah which used to be owned by judge jules! oooh and if you want to do a booze cruise i'd suggest the boat that rocked (zane lowe hosted it last year) or pukka up. ibiza information overload. i love it so much! haha, you're going to have such an amazing time! x

  7. i'm going to glastonbury this year which means i can't really go back to work in ibiza as it'll be too late in the season. but i'm definitely going to go for a holiday :) i'm thinking of driving over as i roadtripped to snowbombing last year and it was such good fun. when are you going? i might see you there! ooh and when you're buying tickets try and get ones that include transport too like free buses as taxis can be really expensive. x

  8. this outfit is gorgeous, I love your hair xxx

  9. oooh i love all this chat! zoo projects more up in the hills, as it's an abandoned zoo from the 70s, the boat party before that's really good as it gives you free transport and getting taxis there can be hell. there's always massive seas of animal print queuing at the san an taxi rank! ooh i think there's some good acts on at cream when you're over there if you're into house music. haha and i think it'd be a hotel/stopping at friends job for roadtripping and a heavy reliance on air con! i'm from lancaster, practically middle of nowhere so spend most of my time in manchester! where are you from? x

  10. sweet outfit, your a really nice colour, JEALOUS! xx

  11. welcome back sexy :)
    i'm a little bit jealous of everyone booking holidays right now! but i'm with you on the saving. it's impossible *sigh*
    and i hate returning things but i'm gonna have to do it too. ugh.

    LOVE xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Aww it's nice to see you back! Glad your feeling better :)
    I'd say the best way to save is stay away from town at all costs! I find that if I go to town loads, I will spend loads, but if I don't go for a few weeks I don't spend anything. So only go when you really have to. Also, maybe try doing a bit of a clothing clear out and sell them on here or on eBay?

  13. Nice to see you back - love the outfit and the hair. Fatty, my ass you're a skinny minnie! You will love ibiza, total worth the saving. x

  14. I'm well jel of your tan! I'm also well jel that you're going to Ibiza! I've been twice and nearly died both times (over did it just a bit!) It's amaze. Make sure you go to Pacha. Its THE best xx

  15. loveeee sankeys! never fails to be a good night! and i'm doing angello at warehouse project at the end of april! which warehouse project did you go to?! the zoo boat party's called noah's ark, when in ibiza you can get tickets from pussycat bar which is just at the bottom of the west end. i think they're usually around 50euro, but i can't really remember because workers get free entry...
    i'm working for my dad at the moment but i've just been on the lookout for an apartment in manchester! can't keep crashing at everyone's after nights out! are you at uni? and oooh are you doing parklife then?! x

  16. Fancy dress is a great excuse to shove anything and everything on, so yeah bats have fangs! HA! xx


thank you so much dollies xxx