08 April 2011

the flu has hit again! fml.

jumper - newlook  jeans - hollister 

you will never guess what.. mr flippin flu has come back and here i am again, sat at work with my beechams, throat lozengers and cough medicine. its been over 3 weeks now and it's a sodding joke. i'm booked into the quacks tommorow though so i'm going to get some antibiotics and kick this cold up the arse FOR GOOD!
this week has gone by so fast... i can't believe its the weekend again.. feels like it's only just been the weekend! i'm excited for sunday, my friends having a zoo party theme'd 21st.. and my fave zoo animals are bats so i'm going as a bat. i don't think i'm going to look anything like one though.. what sort of bat wears a cape with white bats all over it?! and a bat painted on its face?! seriously didn't think this one through properly. hahahaa... also making cupcakes in the day with my mum for the party.. very excited! going to take pictures of my attempts at doing a big swirly wirly bit on the top! defo going to fail!
oh well! also can't wait to see my boyfriend. since last weekend at the spa i havn't seen him. cheers honey!
gone for a very comfy look today as my colds back with a vengeance! i saw this jumper the other day from newlook and just couldnt resist it. so what if were coming up to summer and i need to save for my holdiay.. it's a one off! i'm going to make up for it by putting some clothes on ebay. hopefully i wont balls it up and send my items to the wrong people this time! FAIL
if you have the day off today then enjoyyyyyy the sunshineee! my lunch break will be sat by the canal! lovely!


  1. I love your jumper especially the colour of it :) Really looking forward to seeing what your cupcakes look like! xx

  2. Haha, I hope you post some pictures of you as a bat! ;D

  3. feel better soon lovely! PLEASE show us zoo pictures ahhaha. sounds amazing. x

  4. feeel better soon! cute jumper and muchos hugs for a quick recovery :) xxx

  5. It sucks that your ill again :( Hopefully your antibiotics will get rid of it for good. Maybe all this warm weather will mean you won't catch another one!
    Sounds like you've got a fun weekend ahead! You'll probably be the only bat, surrounded by millions of leopards and zebras!

    It feels like you haven't posted in ages! Or maybe it's me being crap and not commenting hehe. Actually love that jumper, saw one just like it in Topshop, but I'm deffo going to new look now! Make sure to post a picture of you as a 'bat' :) Haha xxxx

  7. love the colour of the jumper, you pull of jeans so well. i hardly ever wear them, need to invest in a good pair! love the bat idea haha even if it is a bit more 'batwoman' than actual bat ;) hope you have a good time!x

    missed you mannnn!!!
    we both havent been blogging hahaaaa!!
    omg sooo lemme get this straight you've had flu, then it went, and now you've got it again??? ;O BAD TIME MAN!!!
    I feel for you :(
    dont go away for agesssss, suck on some cough sweets and get better soon so we can communicate via the blogging airwaves looooool xxx

  9. oi sexy! firstly hope you feel better soon!
    and secondly, yes i've got my visa :) and i've just got a job lifeguarding at a camp in NY. yeah bitch!

    sunshine is shining in good 'ol manc today ;D hope you're doing something nice xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. I LOVE your jumper! I've been looking for one exactly like this!! xxx

    Also, I'm having a giveaway for a makeup palette over at my blog, you might wanna check it out :)? Love Hannah xxx

  11. very nice! :)

    xx, Sabinna and David


  12. LOVE your sweater!! I really like your style :)


  13. thanks so much for your nice comment!
    consider me as your newest follower :)

    xx ju

  14. love your blog. your style is great.
    your sweater is so cute. now following :)


  15. nice jumper! looks good on u!

    - True


thank you so much dollies xxx