21 April 2011

Heaton Park!

Defo have to squeeze a sunny post in here! went to heaton park on sunday with my bestfriend and her girlfriend and had a dead nice afternoon in the sunshine!
we had quite a big fall out a while back, and it's been quite hard getting out friendship back to normal, but i'd say we're pretty much there now which is great :)

she bought one of those snakes on a stick from the balloon man and decided to pop it's head in a cars window as it drove past through the park. and the woman stopped the car and shouted 'have you got a problem?!' so lauren being lauren stuck it back in and said 'sssss'
ohhh shes funny. well she is to me, when i told the story to my boyfriend he wasn't amused!
i bought a big horse balloons and i had a nightmare driving home on the motorway with it bobbing around my back window! nearly killed me!
easter 4 day weekend! OOOSH! can't flippin wait!


  1. i went to school in bury but live about 25 mins drive from there :)
    i laughed when i read what your mate did, how did your boyf not find it funny!!?!

  2. Ooh my uncle lives by heaton park! I think?! In Prestwich anyway :) you both look fab xx

  3. Hahhaha that sounds so much like something my sister would do! Loving the picturesss, its all about the topshop sleeveless topsssssss! xxxx

  4. aw you look adorbs babes. glad your friendship is back on track! i want a balloooon xx

  5. lol this post made me chuckle :o) sounds like you had a love day xx


  6. Got your hair down again, looks nice! :)
    It sucks when you have massive fallings out with people, and building things again can be really difficult or awkward. It's good that your friends again though :)
    Keep enjoying the lovely weather!

  7. Love this post! So glad I found your blog love your outfit going to follow :-) xxxx

  8. i know! i just put it with something and then hope it looks alright, ahaha. the sun is great, i love your shorts in the pictures! :)

    Mollie from we-are-the-crowd.com

  9. haha, you look like you had a lot of fun with that horse hehe:) Your outfit looks really cute too! x


thank you so much dollies xxx