27 April 2011

Who's that hot mamma?

Elle Macpherson looking extremely foxy for a school run, allthough i would LOVE to be that glam when i go and pick up my future kiddies from school... i highly doubt i would.. ahahaha.
i've been such a lazy blogger recently! its been sunny and i've been out with friends and having fun so i've not been outfit posting! i'll be back! i promise!
let me get thursday and friday out of the way.. thursday i'm having a nice tea with my boyfriend and giving him his birthday presents.. because it's his birthday friday but he's flying out to vegas with his friends at 7am so wont get to see him.
 i have the inevitable fear from the saying 'what happens in vegas, stays in vegas' but, hes not stupid and wouldn't do anything.. i'm just gunna miss him and worry that he's not getting arrested or spending like thousands of dollars...
the royal wedding on friday! me and my friend laura are having a will & kate day with a posh buffet, memorabilia and champagneeee. i HOPE the sun will be out so we can sit and drink in the sun. oh bliss!
have fun if you watch it!


  1. hey :) just wanted to let you know that xen tan are having a blogger event in manc (trafford center) on june the 1st I found out via twitter and saw you live in manc so i thought i'd let you know :)

    on another note she always looks amazeballs ...bitch haha xxx

  2. heyyyyy! so excited for parklife!!!! eeee! and i've totally compensated for spending yesterday in the office by spending the whole of today watching american tv in the sun! how are you lovely?! loveeee your royal wedding plans! i've just finished making my first batch of royal wedding monogrammed cupcakes! cringe! i plan on spending the whole day tomorrow putting up bunting and making jugs of pimms and sandwiches with the crusts cut off! haha! i've never felt so patriotic! are you hitting sankeys over the bank holiday?! xxxx

  3. I don't look that good on a night out let alone on the school run! xx

  4. Wow Elle does look fabulous.
    Your plans for Friday sound like fun. I wish I'd planned something like this now.

  5. Fabulous isn't she and those locks...beautiful ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  6. Christ it must suck to be be a mum whose kids go to this school,not the best things for your self esteem to compare yourself to her everyday! x

  7. Love this post & love youre blog!
    I'm following now
    wanna follow me?

  8. wow, she looks so different!
    Krissy xoxo

  9. 90s supermodels - SO gorgeous!

  10. Ahh look at her hair! Amazing, she looks wonderful :) xo


  11. Ahh she looks amazing! I would've never guessed she was someone's mother if I didn't knew who she was haha

    I'm giving away a leopard print kimono cardi on my blog by the way if you're interested :)

  12. cute blog! :D
    i saw that on the news, very farrah fawcett, she looked beaut! :D
    considering shes 40ish, she looks AMAZING.
    i would love to have her body!
    Rosie xo

  13. oh my, what a babe.

    Helen, X

  14. I have gone quite as well. Just recently did a few post on a few things. It warm out here in the states. But since living school, I really have nothing to blog about.



thank you so much dollies xxx