13 April 2011

what are the chances of that?

some river island CRAVES!
as if i got rid of my awful flu, then literally two days later it came back but even worse?! i wonder why that happened. anyway it was awful and i spent 4 days in bed watching daytime tv and films. made in dagenham is AMAZING. i absolutely love old english films like a single man and an education. but nobody will watch them with me because they are so long winded! so i managed to have a lovely marathon of all my fave films on my own in my snuggley bed :)

now i'm back in work, with my desk full of medicine feeling much better.. but still thinking.. WILL THIS EVER END?!
I managed to go to my friends 21st party, i wasn't feeling my best and my face was swollen like a little bumble bee because i'm ill but i'll put some pictures up tommorow to show my not so batty bat costume! but my 72 cupcakes went down a treat and people were taking them home! as if?!

i'm in a seriously bad way with money so absolutely no shopping is on the cards for a while! i've spent so much money on my boyfriend for his 21st and i've had to pay for the holiday to ibiza and just wait patiently for my friend to pay her half. which is totally fine, because i said i'd be the financal one.. it's just means i have no overdraft to fall back on because it's all goneeee! arghhhh!
hope everyones ok, going to slowly creep back into blogging and hopefully an outfiit post soon :)
big massive hugs


  1. Aw I love an education and really want to see a single man! Hope you feel better soon, sounds like you have been through the wars!
    Gorgeous shoes and I like the handbag too.

  2. I love old English films, I'd happily watch them in bed with you ;) Hope you feel better soon! I;m also on a shopping ban thing, but damn those River Island shoes are amaazing! And so is the ring. well, all of it really. xx

  3. I like the ring :)
    Good to hear you're finally/hopefully on the mend!

  4. wow love those shoes, im following! :D x


  5. i LOVE that headband! i always think headbands look silly on me though, maybe because i have short hair?
    it's my boyfriends 25th next month & i haven't got him anything yet, not a clue what to buy either! i'm skint too so not a lot probably! so jealous you're going to ibiza! xo.

  6. Love the headband! Wishlists always make me want to spend


  7. yeah im going on my own. how scary scary is that!? i've got a job lifeguarding for 8 weeks then im gonna do some travelling :) yeah bitch!

    get back to your usual self woman. down some calpol or something :) can't have jess feeling ill! oh and i loved made in dagenham. was cute

  8. Absolutely LOVE that ring. I need it. Bad.

    I am having a Free People give-away on my blog if you're interested!
    strawberry freckleface

    lmfaooo when I read that I was like wtf is a curtain shit oh gosh she's making up some new words again looooooooool!!!
    but then I got it ahahahhaa SHUT SHUT SHUT !
    ahh man, can't believe your still ill, just hurry yourself up and get better! oooo 21st aye ;) LOOOOL, how much have you spent on him hahaa?
    Ahhh still need to see made in Dagenham, I mean I go daan the market all the time, only right I should watch the movie LOOOOOOOL

    HURRY UP AND GET BACK :@ looool

  10. ohhhh great little selection, love the shoes, hope your feeling 100% soon!




thank you so much dollies xxx